Debra M. Amidon Articles and Publications

“The IC Bretton Woods: Cultivating Collaborative Advantage”, iKNOW Magazine, published by Bangkok University, Thailand (October 2013) [Note: Guest Editor for the issue on Knowledge Innovation]

“Visualizing Action: A Recipe for Boston Innovation Success” co-authored with Dr. Oliver Schwabe, published as an InnovationDAILY Exclusive (18 March 2013)

“KM coming of age: A kaleidoscope of innovation opportunity” article for the Research Report - Innovation and Transformation Through Knowledge Management, edited by Evie Serventi and published by The Ark Group (December 2012)

“There’s a New Game in Town – Collaborative Advantage” remarks from the 2011 AAAS Policy Innovation Forum, published in Innovation DAILY (6 June 2011)

Pasaka apie inovacijas – A Lithuanian edition of In Search of Innovation published for the Baltics Dynamics International Conference 2010 published by the Kaunas University of Technology Regional Business Incubator (September 2010)

"Regulating Knowledge: Call for a Millennium Bretton Woods": Featured Viewpoint for Science-Business (July 2009 in Brussels, Belgium).

"SmartInnovators: You know the game has changed, but where do you fit?" Feature story for SmartPeople magazine (July 2009 edition).

"Knowledge Innovation: The Instrument for World Peace", article for the book – The Future of Innovation – published by Gower Books (UK - June 2009).

"The DIGITAL Management Legacy: Knowledge, Innovation and Collaborative Advantage" published on the – DEC Connection website (September 28th 2009).

"A Knowledge Innovation Kaleidoscope: KM Coming of Age", published in Effective Executive published by the Institute for Certified Financial Accountants (ICFAI) (June 2008).

In Search of Innovation - An edition published by MindTree Limited (India) for the World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (WSIE) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (April 2008)

"Collaborating for Innovation: From Concept to Zone Practice", published in Effective Executive published by the Institute for Certified Financial Accountants (ICFAI) (March 2008).

Pasaka par Inovãciju: A child's book for leadership executives, Latvian translation version of In Search of Innovation published by the Latvian Technological Center (Riga, Latvia), September 2007; Second Edition (October 2008)

“Letter from Oman”, published in Inside Knowledge (by the Ark Group, UK. (June 2006)

A Preview: State of Knowledge Innovation Zones – Highlights of the preliminary findings of the research phase of the Knowledge Innovation Initiative, including trends, principles, performance indicators, and implementation strategy; published by Integrated Visions Group, Saudi Arabia (March 30, 2006)

“The Triple Knowledge Lens”, published by IC Magazine (Italy) (Feb 2006)

“Knowledge Innovation Zone Declaration”, published by IC Magazine (Italy) (Feb 2006)

Knowledge Economics: Principles, Practices and Policies - a 3-Volume Edition (co-edited with Piero Formica, and Eunika Mercier-Laurent), published by Tartu University Press (Tartu, Estonia), ISBN: 9985-56-939-3 (2005).

In Search of Innovation: A child's book for leadership executives, published by EffeElle Editori s.r.l. (Ferrara, Italy), ISBN: 88-89460-06-7 (Spring 2005).

"Knowledge Zones Fueling Innovation Worldwide", published in Research-Technology Management, the journal of the Industrial Research Institute, (Alexandria, Virginia USA) (January-February 2005)  

"In the Knowledge Zone - Emerging Patterns for Innovation" (co-authored with Bryan Elliot Davis), published in Knowledge Management by the Ark Group, UK. Volume 8, Issue 2 (October 2004)

Knowledge Economics: Principles, Practices and Policies (Co-Editor), published by the Tartu University Press (Fall, 2004)

The Innovation SuperHighway: Harnessing Intellectual Capital for Sustainable Collaborative Advantage, published by Butterworth Heinemann, an imprint of Elsevier Science - ISBN: 0-7506-7592-6. (2003).

The Global Knowledge Primer - an e-publication released by ENTOVATION International Ltd. (2002)

The Architectural Primer for Knowledge Innovation - an e-publication released by ENTOVATION International Ltd. (2001).

Collaborative Innovation and the Knowledge Economy, published by the Society of Management Accountants of Canada - ISBN: 1-894-091-40-X (English); 1-890-491-42-6 (French) (June, 1998).

Creating the Knowledge-Based Business (Co-authored with David J. Skyrme), Business Intelligence (UK) - ISBN: 1-898-085-277 (May, 1997).

Innovation Strategy for the Knowledge Economy: The Ken Awakening, Butterworth-Heinemann, subsidiary of Reed Elsevier - ISBN: 0-7506-9841-1 (April, 1997) Translations: Chinese (1998), Portuguese (1998), German (1999), Spanish (2000), 2nd Chinese (2001), French (2001).

Global Innovation Strategy: Creating Value-Added Alliances, MIT Graduate Thesis, IC², University of Texas, Austin, Texas (May 1990).

Managing the Knowledge Asset into the 21st Century: Focus on Research Consortia, (co-authored with Dan Dimancescu), Proceedings from the Critical Issues Roundtable at Purdue University, Technology and Strategy Group, (1987).







“The Praxis of Knowledge Innovation” Lead article for the April edition of KM Magazine, The Ark Group (April 2004).

"Customer Innovation: A Function of Knowledge" published in the Strategic Management Series: Strategic Marketing published by I C F A I University (Hyderabad, India 2003).

"KM in Research and Development" - featured interview in a Your Say article for Knowledge Management published by the Ark Group, UK, Pp. 10-11. (February 2003)

"Blueprint for 21st Century: Innovation Management" published in the 'Management Series: Managing Innovation in the New Millennium' published by I C F A I University (Hyderabad, India 2002).

"A New Economic World Order..." published in 'Intellectual Capital - Efficiency in the Croatian Economy' by the International Business Efficiency Consulting (November 2002).

"The Innovation SuperHighway: A KM Architecture" published in the Strategic Management Series: Knowledge Management: A New Dawn published by I C F A I University (Hyderabad, India 2002).

"The Innovation SuperHighway", article published in Frontiers of Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Readings in Science Park Policies and Practices, published by the International Association of Science Parks, Spain. (2002)

"Managing Knowledge to Manage Risk" - featured interview in a Your Say article for Knowledge Management published by the Ark Group, UK, Pp. 11-14. (September 2002)

"Toward the Innovation SuperHighway: The Globalization of Knowledge Strategy" - article in Knowledge Management published by the Ark Group, UK, Pp. 11-16. (June 2002)

“Toward the Innovation SuperHighway” published in KM Magazine, the ARK Group. London, UK (July, 2002).

"Atlas of Knowledge Innovation - Migration from Business Planning," co-authored with Darius Mahdjoubi and reprinted in the Section for Outcomes of Knowledge Management in the Handbook on Knowledge Management: Volume 2 (Springer-Verlag), (Spring, 2002).

"The 7C's of Knowledge Leadership," co-authored with Doug Macnamara, reprinted in the Section for Influences on Knowledge Processing in the Handbook on Knowledge Management: Volume 1 (Springer-Verlag), (Spring, 2002).

Foreword for Intangibles in Competition and Cooperation: Euro-Asian Perspectives by Parthasarathi Banerjee and Frank-Jurgen Richter, Palgrave Publishers, (2001).

"The 7C's of Knowledge Leadership" in the inaugural edition of TRAK magazine, the journal for the TIAS Business School, Tilburg University. (Winter, 2001)

"The Innovation SuperHighway" published in Effective Executive: The Management Digest (May 2001).

"The 7C's of Knowledge Leadership." (co-authored with Doug Macnamara), 2001 Handbook of Business Strategy, published by Thompson Financial Media (Fall, 2000).

"Power of Innovation Capital," Business Excellence, published by The World Trade Group (Summer 2000).

"Virtual CKO: Leading through Strategic Conversations." Chief Learning Officers: Roles and Responsibilities to be published by the American Society for Training and Development - ASTD ACTION Series - Leading Knowledge Management and Learning (May 2000).

Foreword for Harvesting Experience: Reaping the benefits of Knowledge by Jan Duffy (1999).

"Atlas of Knowledge-Innovation: Migration from Business Planning to Innovation Strategy." (co-authored with Darius Mahdjoubi), 2000 Handbook of Business Strategy (Fall, 1999).

"The Path to Prosperous Innovation," published by the Journal of Innovative Management, Vol. 4 No. 3 (Spring 1999).

"A Global Knowledge Innovation Infrastructure: Toward the World Trade of Ideas," (co-authored with Dr. David Skyrme) published in Knowledge Management Review (Spring 1999).

"Blueprint for 21st Century Innovation Management," published by the Journal of Knowledge Management, (September 1998).

"Evolving Community of Knowledge Practice;" published in the International Journal of Technology Management - Vol. 16, Nos. 1/2/3 (1998).

"Effective Knowledge-Sharing Teams," (co-authored with Dr. David Skyrme), published in the Journal of High-performance Systems Vol. 3. No. 3 (May 1998).

"New Measures of Success," (co-authored with Dr. David Skyrme), published in the Journal of High Performance Systems (January/February 1998).

"Innovation and Knowledge Strategies for Today’s Economy: An Interview," published by the Inter-Agency Benchmarking & Best Practices Council; (December 23, 1997)

"Customer Innovation: A Function of Knowledge," Journal of Customer Partnerships (December, 1997).

"Knowledge and Innovation Management," 2020 Vision Project (contributor), Washington, DC: National Research Council (Fall, 1998).

"CEO Dilemma/Opportunity," EXEC!, Journal of Unisys Corporation - (October, 1997).

"The Knowledge Agenda," (co-authored with David J. Skyrme), Journal of Knowledge Management, Inaugural Edition Vol.1 No. 1, September, 1997.

"Dialogue With Customers: Secret to Innovation Strategy," Inaugural edition of the International Journal of Innovation Management, Imperial College, London, England - ISSN: 1363-9196 (March, 1997).

"Emerging Communities of Knowledge Practice," Excerpt published in Knowledge Inc. (March, 1997)

"Innovation Imperative Paper," Next Generation Manufacturing Project (contributing author). Bethlehem, PA: The Agility Forum (January, 1997)

"Decade of Perspective: Vision for the Technology Transfer Profession," Technology Transfer Journal of the Technology Transfer Society, Indianapolis, Indiana (Fall, 1996)

"Challenge of 5th Generation R&D: Virtual Learning", lead article in Research/Technology Management, Industrial Research Institute, Washington, D.C. (July/August, 1996).

"Chip-Maker Analog Devices Builds a 'Community of Knowledge Practice,'" feature story in Knowledge Inc., Mountainview, California (June, 1996).

"Momentum of Knowledge Management", Research/Technology Management, Industrial research Institute, Washington, D.C. (May/June, 1996); published on the worldwide web in English, Spanish and Norwegian (April, 1996); reprinted in Knowledge Inc. (August, 1996)

"Leveraging Knowledge for Socio-Technological Fusion" (co-authored with David Skyrme), Knowledge/Technology Journal, IC², University of Texas at Austin (Fall, 1994).

"Knowledge Innovation: The Common Language", Journal of Technology Studies, Epsilon Pi Tau, (Fall, 1993).

"Knowledge Innovation", Vision Section of Centennial Edition of PRISM, the Journal of the American Society of Engineering Education, (June, 1993).

"The Technology Innovation System", Technology Commercialization: Using a National Resource for Economic Benefit, Proceedings of U.S.-Polish Technology Commercialization Workshops, Warsaw, Krakow and Gdansk, (November 15-20, 1992).

"Science as a Competitive Weapon: Utilizing Alliances in Global Markets", Technology Transfer and Consortia and Strategic Alliances, Rowman & Littlefield, (1992).

"Origins of a Knowledge-Based Firm", Internal Digital Memorandum (distributed world-wide), February (1991); to be published in a forthcoming book on Digital Equipment Corporation by Edgar Schein (2002).

"Creating a Global Innovation Management System" Translated into French, Proceedings of the Grande Colloque de Perspective, Ministry of Research, (June, 1991).

"The Science and Technology Agenda: Crystallizing Coherence", AAAS Colloquium Proceedings, (April 13, 1990).

"The Charge", Focus Groups for a Conference on America and the Globalization of Technological Innovation, NCAR 42 Proceedings, La Mirage, California, (October 4, 1988).

"Technology Challenge to Management", Entrepreneurial Management: New Technology and New Market Development, Ballinger Press, (1989)

"New Research Alliances", Managing Research & Development and Technology: Competition and Collaboration, The Conference Board, (1988).

"Technological Innovation: What's Wrong, What's Right, What's Next?, (co-authored with William Rouse), Industrial Engineering, (April 1990).

SRC Study of Technology Transfer in Japan, (contributor), Semiconductor Research Corporation, (Summer, 1988).

"Engineering Research Centers: an Industrial Perspective", Proceedings, NSF Technology Transfer Workshop, Office of Cross Disciplinary Studies, (Summer 1988).

Highlights from the 1987 Technology Exchange Institute for Engineering Deans, (contributing author and designer), Digital Equipment Corporation, (April 1988).

"Building the Technology Transfer Infrastructure: Contrast with Japan", Proceedings, International Conference on the Technology Transfer Society, Washington D.C., (June 25, 1987).

"Panel Remarks: Using Science and Technology to Create Excellence in Manufacturing as a Competitive Weapon", Proceedings, 1987 NSF Conference on Industrial Science and Technological Innovation, Georgia Institute of Technology, (May 17-19, 1987).

"Technology Transfer Lesson Learned: Defining a New Market-Pull Philosophy", Proceedings, Semi-Annual Federal Laboratory Consortium Meeting, Sacramento, California, (November 5, 1987).

"Opening Remarks -- Roundtable on Critical Issues", Journal of Technological Transfer, Volume 11, No. 2, (Spring 1987).

"Industrial Management" The Untapped Resource for Education", (co-authored with Alan C. Jones), Working Paper Proceedings, Meeting for the Council of State and Government Workshop on Education, (October 1986).

"Strengthening Technology Transfer: Implications for Digital", (DEC-TR 454), (sponsored graduate intern: Ruth Jones), Digital Equipment Corporation, (August 28, 1986).

"Government Funded Research: Framework for New Initiatives", (DEC-TR 453), (sponsored graduate intern: Tong Lee), Digital Equipment Corporation, (August 28, 1986).

"Critical Success Factors: A Timely Issue", Proceedings, International Conference of the Technology Transfer Society, Indianapolis, Indiana, (June 26, 1986).

"Competitive Penetration in the Research Community" (DEC-TR391), (co-authored with Mary Rodock, Consultant), Digital Equipment Corporation, (November 1985).

"Commercialization of Educational Software: Proceedings of an ATHENA Roundtable, Joint MIT/Digital Technical Report (DEC-TR369), (October 1985).

"Within Our Reach", Sigma Kappa Triangle, Indianapolis, Indiana, Volume 75, No.4, (Spring 1982).

Strategic Human Resource Planning, An Integrated Cube Approach, Resource Manual, Digital Equipment Corporation, (982).

"Strategic Human Resource Planning Essential to `New Digital ", Digital Personnel World News, Digital Equipment Corporation, (Fall 1982).

"Digital Established Prominence at ASEE Convention", PCG Insider, Digital Equipment Corporation, (August 1983).

"Seeds of Concern and Promise", NASPA News, (Fall 1978).

The Legislative Spectrum, NASPA Spring, (1977); Revised (Spring 1978).

Resource Manual for Women in Higher Education, (contributing author) Massachusetts Governor's Commission of the Status of Women, (Fall 1978).


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