Debra M. Amidon Videos

The Digital Management Legacy: A Culture of Knowledge, Innovation and Collaborative Advantage Presentation for the Dedication of the Ken Olsen Discovery Center Gordon College, Wenham, Massachusetts (September 27, 2008).

"Viaje al Mundo del Conocimiento" taped at PDVSA Headquarters, Caracas, Venezuela (October 19, 1999).

"Tour de Knowledge Monde" Live Web-cast taped at the Skandia Futures Center, Vaxholm, Sweden (Videocast May 20, 1999).

"Tour de Knowledge Monde," Banquet Knowledge Concert for the IC Fellows Annual Meeting, sponsored by the University of Texas at Austin, Lyndon B. Johnson Museum, Austin, Texas (April 17, 1999).

"Dialogue With Customers: Secret to Innovation Strategy." Taped at a conference ‘Increasing Customer Loyalty through Knowledge Management,’ sponsored by World Trade Conferences, London, England (March 10, 1998).

"The Knowledge Value Proposition: State-of-the-Art, State-of-the-Practice, and State-of-the-Future," taped at the Second International Conference on Knowledge and Innovation, sponsored by McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario (January 21, 1998).

"Collaborative Advantage: The Dynamic Strategy of the Future," taped at Steelcase North America, Grand Rapids, Michigan (1995)

"Customer Success: A Collaborative Innovation Strategy", taped at Rohm and Haas, Spring House, Pennsylvania (1994)

"The Dynamic Knowledge-Based Firm in a Global Economy", Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard, Massachusetts (1991).

"DIGITAL: The Innovative Enterprise", Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard, Massachusetts (advisor) (1991).

"Gaining the Edge: Partners in Innovation", American Management Association, (consultant), (1991).

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