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Through collaboration between Knowledge Harvester and Know Inc., we are now able to offer this initial operational version of the software.

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You can download a web version ($40), or have a CD shipped to you ($50).

For a limited time only we offer the Knowledge Innovation set: a CD copy of the software with a copy of the book - Innovation Strategy for the Knowledge Economy - upon which the software is based ($80).

The book is available in several languages and comes complete with a free Study Guide. It details the evolution of the movement, an architectural foundation and new managerial concepts to be put into practice. We strongly recommend using the text and the guide to facilitate discussion.

Innovation Strategy for the Knowledge Economy: The Ken Awakening

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At last... Software to Support an Internal Innovation Process
Organizations need innovative products and services to meet the demands of an increasingly sophisticated clientele. An effective business strategy integrates a company vision with competencies intended to meet the competition in the marketplace. Very few, however, understand the importance of managing the innovation process for future sustainability.

Many confuse invention with innovation. Many confuse innovation with creativity. Most are trying to manage according to a value-chain of activities that are simply outdated in terms of the current economic environment in which we manage.

What is the process of innovation?
What are the economic, human and technological dynamics involved? Who leads the innovation process? Is there a way to make the process explicit and thereby measure and monitor the various aspects of innovation strategy? Indeed, there is.

Entovation International Ltd., in conjunction with Know, Inc. has developed Assessment of Knowledge Innovation, software specifically designed for assessing the innovation process within the corporate environment. Over a decade of research and numerous case studies have been converted into a framework for the innovation dialogue. This assessment methodology systematically analyzes your organization's ability to create new ideas, and translates those ideas into viable products and services that can be expeditiously moved into the marketplace

The ten modules in the  Assessment of Knowledge Innovation software provide an organized, effective tool for calibrating the innovation strategy of an organization.

Unique features of the Knowledge Innovation Process

  • Based upon the flow of knowledge, not the flow of technology.
  • Based upon management systems research that created one of the first management architectures in the world.
  • Capitalizes upon systems dynamics.
  • A universal process that applies to organizations of any size, sector (i.e., profit and not-for-profit), industry, or region of the world.
  • Designed to untap the tacit knowledge of an organization and convert insights into actionable plans and programs.
  • Can be customized to the language and the initiative of any given organization.
  • Designed to create a common language and shared purpose around topics integral to managing for future success.
  • Initiates a solid foundation upon which an organization can build viable products and services.

Organization assessments usually focus upon what is missing (i.e., deficiencies, weaknesses, sub-standard results). In contrast, this assessment software is designed to focus on organizational strengths, allowing participants to discover how their own capabilities contribute to the organization as a whole. Only from a meaningful analysis will come increased insight into the organization's potential for innovation. The value of this approach - an innovation snapshot of the entire organization - lies in the opportunity to step back from day-to-day operations, view the system as-a-whole as well as the interrelationship of the parts.

This software tool and methodology will enable you to:

  • Create a synergy of shared purpose among managerial experts across multiple functions, sectors, industries and geographies.
  • Measure the current competencies of your organization against desired goals for optimal business success.
  • Manage a dialogue among al stakeholders (e.g., suppliers, partners, distributors, customers and even competitors).
  • Leverage investments made in market research, education/training, organization transformation, advertizing and the use of computer/communications technology.
  • Gain a structured method to observe the flow of knowledge - from idea creation to commercialization.
  • Translate your organization's vision into a plan of action to maximize your ability to innovate.

Instructional guides available upon request.

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