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A Calibration of Your Strategy

Is your organization making the most of its knowledge capabilities?

Are you developing and leveraging your knowledge assets?

Is your creativity to commercialization ratio meeting world-class standards?

If you are uncertain, or don't know then you can benefit from ENTOVATION International's Kenovation Assessment.

This is an assessment is based on our extensive research into knowledge management and innovation, that has identified the ten recurring factors that lead to success. It is a systematic analysis of the capacity and capability of your organization to create and move ideas into the marketplace profitably and expeditiously. It concludes with recommended courses of action, which can be implemented with the help of various development modules delivered by experts in the ENTOVATION Network.

For more information on the specific modules, benefits, format or small business version of the Kenovation Assessment, please visit our Products and Services area.

What Clients and Colleagues say...

"...visionary solutions to difficult inter-organizational problems . . articulate and effective communication of complex ideas and concepts to diverse audiences."
Larry Sumney, President & CEO, Semiconductor Research Corporation

"Exceptionally skilled in building consensus and working on complex issues that require collaborative efforts with a rare quality of sensitivity and resoluteness."
Dr. George Kozmetsky, Founder and Senior Vice President, Teledyne Corporation

"Debra's work is pioneering, cutting edge stuff. She is superb at getting groups and individuals to go beyond where they thought they could go and emerge with vision and insight. Her wok pays off on your improved bottom line."
Mr Lee Rivers, President, Technology Transfer Initiatives


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