Dr. Javier Carrillo
“The emergence of a global value system – a critical mass of individuals realizing the potential of knowledge
to leverage a universal process of sustainable development. The knowledge management movement has a potential for leveraging a global transformation based on a value balance for mankind as a whole.”

Scientist and consultant devoted to Knowledge Systems and Knowledge Management since 1980. He is professor of KM at the Monterrey Institute of Technology, where he founded the Center for Knowledge Systems (CKS) in 1992 – notably the first in the world. His main interests are knowledge-based business creation and development, knowledge systems audit and the contribution of knowledge systems to the emergence of a global consciousness. He has developed a KM Model (Knowledge-based Value Systems), which has been applied in over 60 consultancy projects in several countries. Based on this experience and related R&D, he and his colleagues at CKS developed in 1998 the ITESM graduate KM curriculum program, one the most comprehensive KM educational offerings available. He holds a Ph.D. in Psychology of Science and Technology from King’s College, London, an M.Sc. in Logic and Scientific Method from the London School of Economics and an M.Sc, in Experimental Analysis of Behavior from UNAM, Mexico.

He serves on the Advisory/Editorial Boards of several international KM organizations, such as The Knowledge Management Consortium International (USA), The Journal of Knowledge Management (UK), Knowledge and Innovation: The KMCI Journal (US), The Research Center on Knowledge Societies (Madrid), and is a member of several KM networks such as The Entovation 100 (USA), The Sociedades del Conocimiento Community (Basque Country), The EVOLVE Project (European Community), The CORGA Network (Venezuela), and the MIK-KM Program (Spain). He is currently Vice President of the KMCI-Institute (www.kmci.org). Based on the CKS, he has built a KM network throughout the Americas, whose influence has been acknowledged by KM directories, networks and studies. He is a regular presenter at international conferences. He is the founder and editor of The KMetaSite, a free web-based reference service that includes 4 domains: (1) an Introductory section with definitions, glossary, related magazines and on-line articles/references; (2) an R&D section with a Meta Model, philosophic and scientific foundations, organizational KM processes and related R&D issues; (3) a Business section for specialized periodicals, standards, commercial yellow pages and a KM toolkit; and (4) a Reference section for white papers, a directory of Who’s Who in KM, electronic bulletins and KM forums.

Dr. Carrillo can be credited with building the foundation under KM as a field of study and evolving a community of practice therefore. In his articles, such as “Managing Knowledge-based Value Systems” Journal of Knowledge Management – Vol. 1. No. 4 (June 1998)  he outlines the origins of value-dynamics in knowledge-based economies. Through his work with the CKS, he has expanded the network of alliances building a ‘community of value.’ He has even expanded his curriculum – complete with a video series of knowledge leaders – through Monterrey Tec's on-site broadcasting studio delivering to some 200 sites throughout Latin America + digital on-line Internet delivery worldwide.