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Joining The ENTOVATION International Network

The ENTOVATION Network is an international network of theorists and practitioners, dedicated to developing a sustainable future through knowledge and innovation. The network operates as a holonomy, a set of networks within networks. The word holonomy is derived from the word holon described by Arthur Koestler and popularized in the book Age of the Network (Lipnack & Stamps, 1994). A holon is a whole, but is also a part of something bigger. Thus, a team is a whole in-and-of-itself; yet it is simultaneously a part of a larger organisation or network. Enterprises are complete entities, but operate within industries and geographies of the world. In terms of innovation, knowledge is created within the individual and ideally applied within the context of the organization and ultimately to society-as-a-whole.

The graphic below shows the ENTOVATION Holonomy, from the wider network - ENTOVATION Colleagues in the 'community of knowledge innovation practice' to Business Partners.




Evolving Global "Community of Knowledge Innovation Practice".
Registered theorists and practitioners linking every function, sector, industry and geography.
Global Liaisons
International representatives across North America, Europe, Asia, Russia, Latin America, Australia...
Experts in innovation dimensions (e.g. Process, Measures, Learning Networks, Alliances, Intelligence... Cyberspace.)
Business Partners
Mentors, affiliates and clients with architecture expertise (e.g. Economic, Behavioural, Technological, Political... Environmental.)
ENTOVATION Business Partner: At the core are individuals dedicated to the strengthening of ENTOVATION International research and consulting practice. They tend to share in the ENTOVATION vision and may have a particular expertise related to certain elements if the architecture. They may be mentors, business affiliates and/or clients who co-create opportunities and share in the rewards. They can be credentialed and licensed in the use of ENTOVATION intellectual capital and brand reputation.

ENTOVATION Fellow: There are currently ten ENTOVATION Fellows who represent interdependent businesses. They are world-class in one or more of the ten dimensions of Knowledge Innovation Strategy - from coordinating and measuring the process through learning in the cyberspace. ENTOVATION Fellows create mutually dependent opportunities to leverage the competencies of one another.

An ENTOVATION Geography Liaison is a person or organization who represents ENTOVATION in a particular country or region of the world on behalf of the ENTOVATION Network. They have generally worked closely with us to host local events, translate ENTOVATION material and make us aware trends and activities in the evolving 'community of knowledge practice'. They benefit from the exposure and global credibility that ENTOVATION can bring to their local activities. ENTOVATION International is currently represented in over 40 countries, see the ENTOVATION Geographic Liaisons.

An ENTOVATION Associate is a Colleague who wants to take the initiative to apply their competencies to the goals of the Network, and - in so doing - may open a new sphere of influence. They will be kept informed of developments in their sphere of influence and have special privileges and opportunities to participate in the appropriate ENTOVATION activities and events.

ENTOVATION Colleague has professional interest and values in line with those of ENTOVATION International. You have probably exchanged your business card with us, inquired via the web site or have requested a copy of I3 UPDATE / ENTOVATION International News and would like to be kept briefed on developments in the networked knowledge economy and of activities of the ENTOVATION Network.


The ENTOVATION Network is always open to new members who share its values and vision. As a minimum we encourage you to join the Network as an Associate. If you can make a positive contribution to the success of the Network, through injection of finance, knowledge or other forms of intellectual capital, we shall be pleased to investigate business opportunities that we might create...together.

To register your interest, please email info@entovation.com

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