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The ENTOVATION Network section contains the following pages:
Joining the Network
The ENTOVATION Network is an international network of theorists and practitioners, dedicated to developing a sustainable future through knowledge and innovation.
Scope of the ENTOVATION Network
ENTOVATION International is the hub of a world-wide network of experts in the new methods of Knowledge Innovation.
Mission Statement
Through our main products and services our aim is to help you master the three main dimensions of Knowledge Innovation.
The ENTOVATION Difference
What we do is distinctive and insightful.
Current Fellows
ENTOVATION Fellows are experts in their fields, who deliver services related to one or more of the ten Knowledge Innovation modules.
ENTOVATION International's Founder and Principals.
Geographic Liaisons
ENTOVATION International is currently represented in 61 countries.
The History and Evolution of ENTOVATION
'Knowledge about knowledge' may be the most valuable expertise of all. Read this excerpt from the forthcoming (May 2000) book "Knowledge Management in Practice: Chief Knowledge Officers and Chief Learning Officers", ASTD (American Society for Training and Development).
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