Leif Edvinsson

"ENTOVATION and the effortless intelligence work by Dr. Debra Amidon, is putting the spotlight on the 2 major dimensions of the Future - enterprising as well as innovations. The methodologies - as well as networking brought forward by her work - are a true global entrepreneurial spirit for nourishing intellectual capital."

Dr. Joerg Staeheli

"The ENTOVATION 100 is the most unique, global and cross-organizational place where people in the Knowledge Management arena can be found."

Xenia Stanford

"The mission of KnowMap is to gather knowledge from around the world and share it with those who could benefit from it anywhere in the world. Being part of the ENTOVATION Network has linked many sources of knowledge to the knowledge hungry in several parts of the globe. Being part of the ENTOVATION Network has helped us expand our readership to 6 continents, over 32 countries and more than 38 states and provinces in North America.

Another benefit (of ENTOVATION participation) has been introducing me to KM experts in Canada - i.e. my own back yard - that I may not have had a chance to meet otherwise. The mutual sharing of knowledge and ventures fosters success for those who connect through the network."

Dr. Piero Formica

"ENTOVATION is a truly innovative setting as much for business as for personal collaboration. Trust and spontaneous sociability are the 'genes' that dictate the evolution of so a complex, adaptive web which is Entovation.

ENTOVATION has the ability to gather people from different cultural backgrounds and experiences. Thanks to the Entovation network, they can cohere in new intercultural groups for common purposes, whether for collaborative business projects or for sharing knowledge and creating new intangible values both in the business community and in the society."

Dr. Charles M. Savage
Elisabeth Sundrum

"The European Union has shifted its language in the last year from a 'knowledge-based economy' to a 'knowledge economy.'  This is something Debra has understood and pioneered for years, and because knowledge is indeed global, has created the global knowledge network.

We have been inspired by the depth and range of contacts within the ENTOVATION Network that have greatly enriched our work.  It is so valuable to get perspectives from other countries.

As the movie industry has the Oscars, I wish we in the innovation / networking / knowledge community had our own awards, as we would nominate you for the "networking Oscar" of 2000!"

Dr. Edna Pasher

"ENTOVATION for me is a source of energy, passion, persistence, entrepreneurship, innovation, friendship and fun. Debra Amidon is the most passionate, innovative and courageous entrepreneur that I have met in the international Knowledge Management pioneers community. She (and the ENTOVATION Network) definitely deserve an award!"

Dr. Akira 'Stony' Ishikawa

"Certainly, Global Knowledge Leadership Map deserves a high award, even if more efficient and effective usage is under development. Collaboration, communication, coordination, and cooperation (4Cs) are called for more than ever for a group of intellectual and creative individuals. More deep knowledge sharing cannot be accomplished without this kind of network.

Most of the works have been so far follow-up action-oriented rather than preventive and feed forward-oriented, including the Summit, Cabinet, and other meetings. Preventive-action meetings can most effectively be achieved through deep and well-thought collaboration of the individuals in the ENTOVATION Network represented on the Global Knowledge Leadership Map that should be forthcoming."

Chin Hoon Lau

"The ENTOVATION network provides the best source of thinking and practice on knowledge innovation. I can feel Debra's restlessness in developing a holistic strategy and systematic framework for "innovation" - and with that over the years I can access to new information in this field regularly. Being associated with the Network I feel rather secured in the professional sense of staying current.

The concept of 'innovation' is still at the infancy in the industry when and where most people are rather pre-occupied with various version of  knowledge management and creativity. To propagate a new angle i.e. innovation of viewing organizational and economical development takes a collective effort such as that of a network.

Debra has been setting some pointers of the road ahead for this Network and the best is yet to come. As long as the intra-Network interaction and dialogue remain vibrant, I do expect to see much more wonderful synthesis and knowledge to come out of this virtual collaboration."

Lynne Schneider

"The ENTOVATION Network has provided a constant source of incredibly valuable, instant access to intellectual capital, and grow trusted personal networks for opportunities to connect, share, innovate, and add positive exponential value to initiatives and self-knowledge that otherwise would not be available individually or through any other resource."

Dr. Jean-Marc Le Duc

"It has been a pleasure and an honor to be part of the ENTOVATION Network. I've received many benefits from your personal competence and strong expertise, and from many network connections very useful to me both in my government job (managing knowledge workers) and in my non profit institution (where I am organizing international executive education - the last one being in October 2001 a tour on US West Coast on e-learning).

I wish you success with the nomination."

Dr. Michael Kelleher

"The knowledge and insights brought through membership of the ENTOVATION Knowledge Leadership Network have provided new ideas for contexts, concepts and processes necessary to embed knowledge as THE 21st century currency for economic and social prosperity."

Ali Liban

"Over the last century, inventions and their innovation have improved the living conditions of people in industrialized countries in food production, health-care, transportation and telecommunication. I believe the same process can be repeated in developing countries. But these inventions and technologies should originate from developing counties researcher to meet local needs.

For many years, I have been interested in methods of sustainable industrialization for developing countries. Many resources have been spent in the process but poverty, civil wars and terrorism are increasing in many countries encouraging global stability.

It was in the past few years that I realized inventions and their innovation are the most cost effective way for achieving the above. I had not discovered knowledge innovation until later even though I have been working in this field for many years.

ENTOVATION has helped me put the work I have been doing into a proper context and system. This is much like other forms of sciences such as chemistry or biology or physics. The knowledge content has always been out there. We started systemize this over the years and now we can use this knowledge for our benefit. Knowledge innovation is the same.

It was rewarding to chat to everyone last night on the web (during Global Learn Day). Somehow it reminded me of the Sydney Olympics. Here there were only single winners and many losers. In our case it was all winners. Congratulations!!"

Dr. George Kozmetsky

"Innovating our future through knowledge management is the key for wealth-generation in the 21st century. The digital/knowledge industries are ones where walls are coming down between nations, industries, sectors of the economy and between functions of an organization.

Through the ENTOVATION Network, Debra has been exceptionally skilled in building consensus and working complex issues that require collaboration - with sensitivity and resoluteness."

Jan Wyllie

"Through ENTOVATION, I have been involved in groundbreaking innovative research. The main challenge has been that our findings were ahead of their time. Now the world is catching up with 'The Economics of Intangible Value' that was published in 1995.

The most exciting piece of research we did was a content analysis of the views of a global selection of knowledge management graduate students on the role of knowledge management in the 21st century. The findings, if they were more widely known, would help guide all knowledge innovators as they struggle with an increasingly fraught global economic and political environment."

Thomas Philip Maciejewski

"The idea of new economy is coming through - more and more people start to understand the way of innovation and intellect power - the vision of global ENTOVATION Network since my participation in 1995. It is interesting how the view has changed - from ambitious global visionary - to simple worker on the global vision - I'm very grateful for all my friends on the way - and especially for people like you."

Dr. Thomas F. Malone

"I believe we are at a historical choice point in determining the kind of world our children's children will inherit. If we make these choices based only on the models of our industrial-age past, we will almost certainly miss the true opportunities before us. Your proposed book - The innovation SuperHighway - will be extremely useful -- and very timely at this particular moment in history. Through the ENTOVATION contacts, we've opened the minds of colleagues; now we must do the same for policy makers."

Doug Macnamara

"There are many people talking about Knowledge Management in the world. There are many others talking about Innovation. Very few understand the true application of Knowledge Innovation like Debra Amidon.

In addition, the ENTOVATION 100, and the 10 Fellows represent the most knowledgeable and applied practitioners in the world when it comes to innovation, knowledge and leadership."

Gulgun Kayakutlu

"Thanks to Debra who has been a pioneer in Knowledge Management, Intellectual Capital, Innovation and the innovator of such a huge virtual team.

Thanks to ENTOVATION that all the academicians working on the subjects have found each other. Thanks to all our ENTOVATION team that I have learned so much and become one of the pioneers in Turkey."

Janis Stabulnieks

"The ENTOVATION Network helps me understand better the global development of economic systems and innovation as a part of them - innovation not only in business but in human relations as well.

We are working very hard in writing the National Innovation Programme. It is very important for me to be in the ENTOVATION Network and get your very informative messages. I like very much the Drucker's statement (1974) on innovation which I've get in your last  e- mail. I do hope to be in touch with you next year and get your advise in this not very easy action we have started."

Dr. Manfred Bornemann

"The ENTOVATION Network brings real meaning in the concept of sharing knowledge and connecting people. Debra is doing an invaluable job to realize this concept. There are so many different real-person-experts in contrast to anonymous organizations from all over the world associated in the knowledge management map, where the focus truly is primarily on people and their collective know how. There is no restriction for innovative and entrepreneurial ideas to expose, which makes this a special place to me."

Yvonne Buma

"ENTOVATION is a unique global network. Unlike most other networks ENTOVATION is designed to put people and ideas in direct communication with each other and is build on trust and the willingness to share knowledge.

Unique also because of Debra's effortless search for new members all over the world (not just in the industrialized countries) and the fact that it combines not only the leaders in this field, but also new and promising talent. It has been (and I am sure will be in the future) the place of conception of many new insights in the field of knowledge innovation.

A perfect example of the possibilities of this network was exhibited during Global Learn Day 2000 when some 60 members of the network in all the corners of the world met each other (sometimes for the first time) and shared their learning with each other and the audience."

Parthasarathi Banerjee

"Debra has brought in an imaginative poetic touch to the otherwise terse terrain of knowledge management. Such poetic imaginations flared up often while apparently distant issues were metaphorically linked together in the cyberspace of ENTOVATION. Knowledge involves scrutiny and dialogue.

Knowledge involves not just retention through existing practices but also creatively disseminating that across the boundaries of organizations.

This Network brought us together and more than that instilled in us a confidence that KM was not just a dry activity.

Debra and her colleagues threw open the windows while caring that we were not blown out by the gush of novel ideas. Let us hope that this ENTOVATION flourishes further...I personally am so much indebted to Debra's feat."

Jerry Ash

"Debra Amidon - aka ENTOVATION International - is the champion networker. I remember meeting Debra online six years ago as I searched the web for knowledge about knowledge management. She responded to me as if I were as important to her as those icons of KM she walked among. Less than a year later, I was sitting at her after-hours table of seasoned experts, the only "newbie" there.

Her dedication, as much as her knowledge, kept me on track to a destination I only now realize - the birth of the Association of Knowledgework.

How many more success stories can be told based on the wisdom and leadership of the ENTOVATION Network?"

Konstantin M Golubev

"The ENTOVATION Network is really unique experience promoting transformation of our Earth into one living intelligent community. Due to raise of world's complexity and interdependence emphasis on knowledge and innovation is inevitable demand of our time. It's not the matter of fashion but question of survival for organizations, countries and all the people on the Earth.

That's why ENTOVATION Network and Debra M. Amidon deserves an award as excellent example of fruitful efforts to make our planet more stable and affordable place."

Dr. Ante Pulic

"In order to grow fruit we need a pip. In order to get a reaction we need a critical mass to produce it. ENTOVATION acts both ways: as the nucleus of knowledge economy and the creator of the critical mass for its diffusion."

Luis Ovidio Galvis Caro

"Because of the opportunity of having been included as an ENTOVATION leadership map member, I have received several contacts who have encouraged me to keep on working in several KM topics.

At the present I have developed a Methodology and built a software to help the construction, deployment and analysis of the Knowledge Map. This tool will be worldwide launched in February 2002. I have also developed several KM projects in companies and Universities in conjunction with one of the very well recognized member of the network.

Also I have built a local national network through postgraduate courses to make KM available throughout my whole country. At the present time I and some part of my team are developing a full postgraduate KM program due to start second semester this year 2002. And several companies are very interested in developing KM projects, we are also very close to start.

With the cooperation of the whole ENTOVATION network we hope to keep our leadership here in my country. Thanks to Debra and her leader network."

Hubert Saint-Onge

"The ENTOVATION Network addresses the essence of the key challenge we face in the knowledge era: the constant need to innovate for individuals, organizations and societies. Its architect, Debra Amidon, inspires and weaves a worldwide conversation that embodies the message she brings to life for so many people around the world.  It is a privilege to be part of this network and share in its evolution."

Dr. Eunika Mercier-Laurent

"To my knowledge, ENTOVATION is a first planetary Network of specialists coming from different domains and having common goal - to introduce a new way of thinking - Knowledge and innovation capability as a value.

Some other large enterprises and organizations have affiliates in many countries, sales or representative people; but in general, they have not the world experts and collective intelligence as in ENTOVATION. We learn from each other, share our experiences and innovate the future together."

Javier Carrillo Gamboa

"The Knowledge Society and Planetary Consciousness are all emerging paradigms which we still have largely to articulate. As creatures of Postmodernity, we are able to tell what they are not - rather than what they are. We are only beginning to grasp the true implications of this stage of human evolution.

Amidst the twilight of transition, the role of working models and successful practices are immense. The ENTOVATION Network - passionately led by Debra Amidon - has pioneered visionary practices in networking that sheds light and nurtures hopes in what a knowledge-based world might be like.

This is one of the most concrete cases in virtual community making that we can identify as prototypes of the new paradigms.

The Center for Knowledge Systems - itself a community of KM-centered communities - is proud to be associated to such fine Network since its early years and is happy to continue collaborating in making it achieve the ideals it pursues."

Sally-Ann Moore

"The ENTOVATION concept and implementation is a unique resource for KM professionals around the world and a unique community of brilliant and pioneering people. If you ever have the chance to hear Debra Amidon speaking about innovation jump to it because it is a life-altering experience not to be missed."

Parry.M Norling

"We've been taught: Either Network or Not Work (thanks Stephen Rosen). Debra Amidon with the ENTOVATION network has put the teaching into practice with dramatic clarity. She's put us all to work."

Larraine Segil, Esquire

"Debra Amidon and her ENTOVATION network is the cutting edge of where the world needs to go - she got there before anyone else."

Dr. Silvard Kool

"The way we always have looked at things is planned, strategized, thought-out, structured, like a musical composition or a song, with a certain pattern.  What would happen if we act upon intuition more and 'go with the flow', sort of like my musical freeflow. The result may be more interesting and more usable than the results from doing things the old way...Congrats on all your accomplishments and accolades from all over the world!"

Jin Zhouying

"Debra Amidon was the first Knowledge Economist to visit China and instrumental in building a bridge as 'East Meets West in the Knowledge Society.'

The ENTOVATION Network - especially the I3 Update/ENTOVATION News is good resource for those creative people as a platform to exchange opinions, get some new ideas and cause new insights."

Dr. David J. Skyrme

"The ENTOVATION Network is more than a source of intelligence. It connects people to people, enabling analysts and innovators to tap into a highly talented global network of innovation and knowledge leaders of various forward-looking communities around the world. In turn the ENTOVATION members have some of the most extensive networks within their individual communities.

As a network of knowledge networks ENTOVATION is unique."

Sante Delle Vergini

"ENTOVATION is a global community of organic knowledge and innovation that will help to shape a new world social currency.

What Debra Amidon has achieved by bringing the ENTOVATION 100 together, is to create perhaps the greatest intangible asset on the face of the planet. It's collaboration rather than competition that will make great nations, companies and families, and I am proud to be in the same family as Debra Amidon and the ENTOVATION Network."

Mag. Stefan Fazekas

"Always in her network since almost 10 years, our interaction has been rather volatile. So 'always' is incorrect. Sharing, translating and (the attempt to) applying her concepts have made ENTOVATION a permanent part of my life. So 'always' is true.

In full support of the endorsements of all E100+ members let me step aside from necessary optimistic views on the future to necessary realistic views on the past & present: Debra is following her passion 'start to give which then makes you eligible to take'. I have experienced companies that continued focusing on their own thing in the Knowledge Management and/or Innovation Management arena as Knowledge Innovation was treated as mind-blowing. I'm afraid we also have to observe, that other companies just take what's being given by treating passion as weakness. Both paths form the negative examples of collaboration.

Coming back to the necessary optimistic views on the future: we may see already the MICRO and the MACRO getting their act together; maybe this is the way to have the MESO engaging as well. After her 15 years since the first worldwide Roundtable on 'Managing Knowledge Assets into the 21st Century' we believe the time is ripe to allow return of investment.

This deserved award to Debra should be the beginning...