Dr. Edna Pasher

Dr. Edna Pasher “Introducing a new topic to a market is not easy. Those of us who have been intensively involved in the global knowledge movement sometimes forget that there are people who are still suspicious, who think we have just invented a new fashion. We are now realizing how even the use of the Internet for virtual conferencing which has become part of our work is still very new too.”

Edna Pasher founded an international strategic management-consulting firm in 1978. The firm provides customized consulting services to organizations both in the private and the public sectors. Edna Pasher Ph.D & Associates specialize in assisting their client organizations to speed up strategic renewal in a fast changing environment.

Dr. Pasher is a frequent speaker in national and international conferences. She earned her Ph.D at New York University in Communication Arts and Sciences and has served as faculty member at Adelphi University, the City University of New York, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the Tel-Aviv University. She developed the first training program for knowledge managers in collaboration with the Open University in Israel.

In 1994 Edna Pasher Ph.D & Associates identified knowledge management as the critical success factor for organizational renewal and have become the leaders of the knowledge management movement in Israel and active participants in the international community of the Intellectual Capital Pioneers. They have established the Knowledge-in-Action series of international face-to-face and electronic conferences on knowledge management and intellectual capital, and the Knowledge Cafe` Forum which has met on a regular basis for about 30 times since 1995. In 2001, in collaboration with the Israeli Management Association, Edna Pusher Ph.D & Associates established the Forum for Knowledge Management and Innovation. In 2002 Dr. Pasher has started an interest group on Innovation and Metrics, a Community of Practice active on-line on Knowledge Board, the Portal for the European KM Community.

Edna Pasher Ph.D & Associates are partners in a major European Union funded project – NIMCube designed to develop a holistic reference method for the re-use and innovation process of knowledge in the field of new product development. This approach – complete with a ToolKit and software application - tries to create new knowledge by transferring existing knowledge into a new context.

Realizing the implications of knowledge strategy at the national level, Dr. Pasher also created the Intellectual Capital Report of the State of Israel – “Hidden Values of the Desert” – in which indicators provide a benchmark of the progress of Israel against other industrialized nations of the world.

Edna Pasher Ph.D & Associates founded Status – the leading Israeli monthly magazine for management in 1991 and Rom Knowledgeware, a firm that provides IT solutions for Knowledge Management.