Oliver Schwabe
Oliver Schwabe Oliver Schwabe "The Knowledge Economy is one of virtualization and fragmentation as networks become global and complex in nature. We need to learn to collaborate efficiently in such virtual environments."

“Burning desire to understand why things are as they are and how they can be changed sustainably. The Knowledge Economy puts respect for people and our world back in the center of reflection.”

Dr. Oliver Schwabe founder and CEO of Eurofocus International Consultants Ltd. (www.euro-focus.com and www.networkpredictor.com in Germany).

Eurofocus is specialized in helping its clients to master the challenges of the digital economy through enablement by action-research based coaching and education in ecosystem management. Extension of business models into the digital context and extensive empowerment are fundamental themes of continued focus. In order to achieve this, besides utilizing both innovative and classical consulting tools and methodologies, Eurofocus implements a concept called "Microconsulting" to ensure the success of their work with clients. Microconsulting essentially involves educating and training future project participants in the key skills and knowledge required for working as peers with the consultants.

Oliver has been involved in organizational change management, with special focus upon the interactions of people, processes, organization and technology since 1982. He has designed, developed and delivered a wide range of empowerment projects for companies ranging from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies world-wide. Professionally Oliver hence basically functions as a “midwife”, helping organizations develop into the New Economy and master the pains of transition based upon the principles of systems thinking, complexity science and knowledge management.

Within the Entovation Network Oliver is responsible for the “Gyroscope”, an online “Mastertoolkit” of world-wide Knowledge Management, Organizational Development and Innovation authorities, that includes tools, templates, coaching and educational offerings. The aim is to empower clients as the first step towards successful project development and implementation on the way to leveraging innovation for sustainable strategic advantage. Oliver is furthermore responsible for the “Navigator”, a solution for identifying and managing digital ecosystems the results of which are calibrated to provide a knowledge innovation focused view of the world.

Academically, he has gained, via distance learning, a D.B.A. with a focus on Online Communities and Knowledge Management, a Master of Science with a focus on Organizational Development, Strategic Management and Business, and a Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management. He is also currently pursuing a PhD degree with a research focus on digital ecosystem management.

On the private side Oliver lives in a small quiet wine-town about 50 miles south-west of Frankfurt, Germany and enjoy spending time with my wife and two daughters. Work-life balance is always a challenge and I highly enjoy being able to help my students and clients master significant learning curves and achieve their goals.