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"ENTOVATION International is an exceptionally capable firm which has the capacity to understand global trends and - at the same time - develop local solutions to complex organizational and innovation problems. There is a great wealth of new ideas and solutions that come from a very interdisciplinary perspective."
Dr. Michael M. Crow, Vice Provost, Columbia University

"Debra presents compelling reasons for recalibrating your strategy. Her ideas more that work - they win."
Dr. Bill Miller, V.P., Research and Business Development, Steelcase North America

".. a persistent and creative representative of the new knowledge pioneers. In her work, she is stimulatingly articulating the innovative and dynamic cores of the modern organizations of tomorrow."
Mr Leif Edvinsson, Vice President and Corporate Director of Intellectual Capital, Skandia

"...keen understanding of the business, technological and competitive forces shaping the nation and the world."
Dr. Ed Miller, Former President, National Center for Manufacturing Sciences

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