Global Knowledge Innovation Infrastructure Timeline (7.30.99)



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1 Entovation/Banff Team Feasibility Study Banff Faculty Briefing Entovation Timetable Assemble Roundtable Team Assemble Research Team Assemble Evaluation Team Assemble Congress team      
2 Sponsor Solicitation IC2 Funding     Rolex Prize App. Founding members Participating members Affiliated members      
3 Banff Launch   Knowledge Leadership Practicum     Executive Leadership Program Faculty Integration       Curriculum Re-Design
4 Action Research Science Diplomats Club Research Scope: Purpose and Method Entovation 100 Identify Other Research Activities Assemble Research Teams Research Launch Analysis by Function & Sector Analysis by Industry & GeographicRegion Cross-Organization Analysis After Congress Synthesis
5 Periodic Reports Communications strategy Global Momentum of K-Strategy I3 Update KM Magazine Cultural Videos Internet Webcasting Insight #1 Insight #2 Insight #3 Guidelines for the 21st Century
6 Roundtable: Innovators from around the World Design   Global K- Leadership Map   Countries, Contacts, & Content Roundtable Convened Follow-on Action      
7 Preparation of position papers & resolutions Initial Standards Draft Prospectus   Prospectus Revised     Position Papers Joint Resolutions Congress Debate Evolved Standards
8 International awards program   Preliminary Criteria   Finalized Criteria   1st Awards     2nd Awards  
9 World Wide Innovation Congress Design         Preliminary Announcement     Congress Convened Follow-on Action
10 Intranet/Internet   Website:

Revised Entovation Site Map Dialogue Pre-Roundtable Dialogue Roundtable Dialogue Research Dialogue Pre-Congress Dialogue Congress Dialogue