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The Five Phases of GKII
A common language is emerging as well a shared vision.

The Global Knowledge Innovation Infrastructure has initially been planned around five phases:

  1. A Knowledge Innovation Strategies Practicum, at The Banff Centre, and other locations (November 1998 - end 1999)
  2. Roundtable of Global Innovators (June 2000)
  3. An 18-month GKII Research Program (early 1999 - May 2000)
  4. Knowledge Innovation Awards Programme (June 2000)
  5. First biennial Worldwide Knowledge Innovation Congress (June 2001)

These are preliminary plans and will evolve as the initiative gets under way. Precise details will be developed by a steering committee that includes GKII organizers and Platinum Sponsors.

Knowledge Innovation Strategies Practicum
The Practicum is 3 day event, that introduces participants to the core strategic components of the knowledge movement. Participants will gain complement their understanding of core concepts with practical frameworks and activities that develop the implications for three enterprise and help shape the ongoing research programme.

Day 1
The Knowledge Value Proposition:
Understanding the Fad from the Fundamentals - the knowledge economy; 5th generation management; the 'Community of Knowledge Practice'; the dynamics of innovation strategy, the 'Economics of Intangible Value; customer innovation.

Day 2
Knowledge Innovation Strategy:
Calibrating the Foundation of Idea to Action. Collaborative innovation; enterprise calibration based on the ten dimensions of knowledge innovation strategy. Gap analysis and tacit knowledge dialogue provides a base for strategy implementation.

Day 3
A Future Based on Innovation:
Shaping of the GKII Research Agenda. Adding detail to the plans for the collaborative research base from which modern managerial standards can evolve.

The first Practicum was held at Banff, from 21-23 November 1998. Additional Practica will be run at occasional intervals to introduce participants into the programme. Practica may also showcase demonstrations of knowledge management applications that aid the structured dialogue of the GKII.

Roundtable of Global Innovators
The preparatory Roundtable Toward the World Trade of Ideas to be held at Banff in June of 2000 will lay the foundation for the GKII Congress. By then there should be sufficient research results to warrant international validation.

The key participants in the roundtable will be people who, through whatever process chosen, are analogous to being among the leading set of chief knowledge officers for the country they represent. Each country should have its government policy management represented as well as representation of research and development organizations. Academia and advocates from the realm of public policy analysis concerned with the national interest and economic and organizational development should also be represented.

The Roundtable will discuss the results of the research program, a structured agenda of innovation issues and problems and conclusions, recommendations and strategies for accelerating and enhancing the innovation agenda around the world.

Research Program
There are a large number of issues on each of the dimensions of innovation strategies which need research, analysis and strategy development. Research projects involving leading theorists and practitioners from around the world will be developed and managed by project management committees made up of the team and research program sponsors. Projects will range in cost and duration and cover four levels of analysis:
  • Function (profession)
  • Sector (e.g. private, public, trade association)
  • Industry
  • Regions of the World

The fellows of Entovation International will provide a core competence and allow a quick start of the research program. It is proposed to contract a senior knowledge management researcher to manage the work, collaboration and activities of the projects. There will be surveys, symposia, meetings, travel, communications, etc. as well as time consuming thought, research, analysis and writing which must be paid for as the work progresses. Sponsors may actually be directly involved in the research and have access to progress reports. If results warrant, symposia or workshops will be held as the work proceeds. Some of the results could be presented at complementary symposia and conferences.

Throughout the emphasis is on actionable research, with insights and results that can be immediately applied in participating organizations. An evolving knowledge base and use of appropriate knowledge management techniques and technologies will ensure rapid and effective diffusion of research results to participants.

More details on current plans, developed as a result of the first Practicum, is available to sponsoring members.

Knowledge Innovation Awards Programme
The Roundtable will provide the occasion for the first set of Knowledge Innovation Awards. These Awards will recognize excellence at human endeavors, particularly innovative endeavors that are globally relevant. This is particularly so with innovation because the person, team or organization has had the foresight and resolve to step beyond the proven and conventional, into the unknown, take the chances and persevere to successful implementation.

The successes revealed by submissions for these Awards will only be significant and replicable if they are well publicized and discussed. The Awards both celebrate success, but also excite others to emulate replication of the innovator's results. Awards are expected to cover different approaches, regions, types of activities, sectors of the economy business, arts and culture, health and education.

Worldwide Knowledge Innovation Congress
The World Wide Innovation Congress in June 2001 will be a large event focused on innovation. It will be analogous to the Globe Environmental conferences held in Vancouver on even numbered years. It will have many different types of events with leading theorists, practitioners, political, organizational and business leaders in keynote, plenary and workshop sessions.

It will be the place to learn and to meet, to discuss and to deal, to collaborate and to innovate.


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For further details:
Please contact in the first instance,
Debra M. Amidon, Chief Strategist at ENTOVATION International +1 978 988 7995
Doug Macnamara, Vice President, The Banff Centre for Management
+1 403 762 6231