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Entovation International presents...
The Global Knowledge Primer

All you want to know about architecting Global Knowledge Strategy

This comprehensive Global Knowledge Primer - with hundreds of pages of articles - provides you with a window into the evolution of the knowledge movement, a variety of facets of knowledge practice and a glimpse of the core trends and future vision of the Knowledge Economy. The reader can follow how the knowledge focus has provided a common language across functional responsibilities, in different industries and from all corners of the globe.

WHY do you need a holistic view of the knowledge strategy?

This explicit focus on knowledge as a management strategy is only about 15 years old. And yet, there is hardly an organization - profit or not for profit - that has not embraced the modern knowledge concepts. Many see it as a path for profitability. Others see it as a path for economic vitality and sustainability for industrialized and developing nations alike. This compendium of articles provides a foundation for viewing this knowledge phenomenon from the perspective of all 3 economic levels simultaneously. You’ll read of the practice of executives and the policies of leaders.

WHAT are the elements of knowledge strategy?

The material is organized in eight parts - each containing a glimpse into activity and aspirations. The material includes some of the most recent and timely work of those affiliated with the ENTOVATION Network. Some of the references provide pointers to material that might be harder to find. We have also included some of the original (now historic) documents - never before available online.

Part 1 - Overview

Part 2 - The ENTOVATION Network

Part 3 - The Knowledge Value Proposition

Part 4 - Knowledge and Innovation Trends

Part 5 - Focus on Functions

Part 6 - Focus on Enterprises

Part 7 - Focus on the World

Part 8 - Focus on ENTOVATION

HOW do you move from Concept to Implementation?

There are three essentials for knowledge leadership: (1) Understanding the underlying roots and research base; (2) Exposure to examples of best practice and case stories; and (3) Envisioning future action. With the compendium Architectural Primer, managers will discover how to lead their enterprises in the Knowledge Economy. Become a participant in the Community of Knowledge Practice and let us know your progress!

Access this Primer now, available free on Entovation's website.

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