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The ENTOVATION Resources - Articles section contains the following pages:
Millennium Innovation: Born out of Practice
- I3 Update, February 2000
Decade of Perspective: A Vision for the Technology Transfer Profession
- Journal of the Technology Transfer Society, Fall 1996
Customer Innovation - A Function of Knowledge
- Technology Solutions, November 1997
Innovation - What Every CEO Should Know
- Exec, October 1997
Imperatives for Next Generation Manufacturing: Innovation Management
- published as part of NGM: Framework For Action from the Agility Forum, January 1997
Innovation: What Every CEO Should Know
- EXEC!, October 1997
The Evolution of 5th Generation R&D: Virtual Learning
- Journal of the Industrial Research Institute, July-August 1996 (contact author)
Analog Devices Invests in Intellectual Assets
- Knowledge Inc., June, 1996 (contact author)
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