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Advertizing Messages on Knowledge Management

Customer - Specific
"Customerize" Unisys
(WSJ 94)
"Relationships That Endure"
"CIGNA - A Century of Financial Partnership"
(WSJ 1/19/95)
"Our Business is Helping You Stay Focused" General Electric
(WSJ 1/19/95)
"Facing the Issues that Face our Customers." Liberty Mutual
(WSJ 3/28/95)
"If it is Your Concern, It's Our Concern." Chrysler Corporation
(WSJ 2/28/95)
"Good relationships need careful nurturing. We call our approach 'Total Customer Care.'" Schott
(WSJ 6/95)
"If integrity, trust and genuine caring matter to you, you're not alone. They matter to us too." Transnational Life Companies
(Fortune - 6/95)
"There are people who know your business as well as you do." Aetna Life & Casualty
(Fortune -6/95)
"Only someone who knows where you come from can take you where you are going." Bell Atlantic
(WSJ 7/27/95)
"It's Time You Knew Us as our Customers Do" SGS Thompson
(Fortune - 7/95)
"Helping Investors Help Themselves" Charles Schwab & Co.
(Fortune - 7/95)
"Imagine What We Can Do For You." Software AG
(WSJ 8/24/95)
"At Parker, Our Customer Relationships Run Deep" Parker Hannifin Corporation
(WSJ - 8/24/95)
"Delivering Excellent Customer Service" Kellogg School/Northwestern University
(WSJ - 8/24/95)
"Our Business is Helping Yours." General Electric Capital Services
(WSJ - 8/29/95)
"Keeping You Ahead of the Game." Bell South
(WSJ - 9/26/95)
"A Vested Interest in Your Success." Everen Securities
(WSJ - 9/26/95)
"We help customers achieve results." Atlas Company
(Airport ad – 5/99)



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