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Advertizing Messages on Knowledge Management

Innovation - Specific
"Be Innovative or Begone" Chemical Banking Corporation
(Fortune 1/11/95)
"Tradition of creating innovative appliances" Raytheon's Amana
(Fortune 6/95)
"With innovative solutions, we're helping companies like yours improve operations and increase profits." CSN International
(Fortune 6/95)
"The search for innovative medicines" Eli Lilly
(Fortune 7/95)
"___, Innovation, ______" United Airlines
(Chicago O'Hare Airport - 8/95)
"Innovative Transportation Solutions" Courier Dispatcher
(Automobile sign - 8/95)
"Beauty, Innovation Selection and Service" Jordan's Furniture
(Radio commercial - 8/95)
"Leadership, Innovation, Creativity and Courage" CNN
(Television advertizement - 8/95)
"Building a Better World through Innovative Technology" Hyundai
(Fortune - 8/95)
"Start Doing Extraordinary Things" Texas Instruments
(WSJ - 8/24/95)
"To solve the problem, try 'out of the box' thinking...this innovative thinking creates surprisingly effective solutions for our clients." Dickstein, Shapiro and Morin, L.L.P.
(WSJ 9/18/95)
"Innovation and Artistry" Handle and Haydn Society (Radio commercial - 9/22/95)
"Don't Imitate, Innovate." Hugo Perfume
(Filene's Television commercial - 10/22-95)
"The Triumph of Design" Tiffany & Co.
(WSJ - 11/27/95)
"The Innovation Web Conference" (CNN ad 12/5/95)
"Innovation + Execution = Exceptional Results" Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette
(WSJ - 1/25/96)
"Innovative and Informative" New England Home Show
(Radio commercial - 2/20/96)
"It was about innovation. It was about elegance. It was about service. It was about dependability. It still is." Trans World Airlines
(CNN ad 2/20/96)
"Innovation - The Spirit of New England." TechCorp
(TV ad - 4/96)
"INNOVASIAN - Southeast Asia with experience"


(Travel & Leisure - 6/96)
"Innovators in Allergy." Marion Merrell Dow,Inc. (1994 Poster)
"From now on, if you can imagine it, you can mange it." Informix Software, Inc.
"And innovation never stops." UUNET
(Fortune - 6/9/97)
"Don't Imitate...Innovate" HUGO Fragrance Collection
(Bloomingdale's ad - 6/97)
"More Innovation per Mile" Hertz Rent-a-Car
(Forbes 2/24/97)
"Innovation and imagination",


Ciba Speciality Chemicals
(Financial Times 7/97)
"New merchandise daily - 2 patents every 24 hours" Lucent Technologies (Business Week, 8/4/97)
"We turned a centuries old idea into a twenty-first century innovation." Texaco
(Airport ad – 12/98)
"Lancôme – When Innovation is always beautiful." Lancôme
(radio ad – 2/11/99)



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