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Advertizing Messages on Knowledge Management

Knowledge - Specific
"Invest in what you value most – Knowledge." ScotiaMcLeod, Scotia Bank
(ad in Business Magazine 4/99)
"The Collective Wisdom of Executives Worldwide." The Conference Board
(1995 Brochures)
"Required - Inspired"; "History is to be made, not reported" Arthur Andersen
(WSJ (1/19/95)
"We Took Some of Our Best Thinking and Put It into Storage" Digital
(WSJ 1/19/95)
"The Difference Between Information and Insight" Merrill Lynch
(WSJ 4/4/95)
"Success is a Mind Game." TAGueuer Swiss Watch Co.
(May 1995 Ad)
"The Fresh Product Idea." COSTA
(Company truck)
"If you can think it, we can make it." National Biosciences, Inc.
(Science: Vol 268 - May, 1995)
"MRI Intelligent Staffing Solutions." MRI
(WSJ 6/95)
"If you think that you can take your time going to market, think again." General Electric
(Fortune 6/95)
"Ordinary data-processing vs. information management. Sight vs. insight." Unisys
(Fortune 6/95)
"It's more than a credit card. It's smart money." Mastercard
(Fortune 6/95)
"Old Tradition; New Thinking." Harvard Funds
(Fortune 6/95)
"Siemens. Precision Thinking." Siemens
(Fortune 6/95)
"Insight. Another reason businesses look to Gemini." Gemini Consulting
(Fortune 6/95)
"Why success is more about persistence than genius." GSX Intermodel
(Fortune 6/95)
"The smarter place to be." American Stock Exchange
(Fortune 6/95)
"A brilliant deduction." Gifts in Kind America
(Fortune 6/95)
"The Guardian - The Intelligent Choice." Guardian Investor Services
(Fortune 6/95)
"Permit us to expand upon the idea of a luxury car." Chrysler
(Fortune 7/95)
"Knowledge Is Power." Fidelity
(The Boston Globe - July 23, 1995)
"Understanding comes with time." Time Inc.
(Fortune 7/95)
"Prepare to have that idea shattered." Hewlett-Packard
(Fortune 7/95)
"Knowledge Is Powerful Medicine." Eli Lilly
(Fortune 7/95; Radio commercial - 7/95; WSJ - 8/95)
"To do battle in the Asian market you need the best intelligence." ASWJ Weekly
(WSJ - 8/28/95)
"The wisdom of 147 years. The imagination of a five year old." First Unum Life Insurance Company
(WSJ 9/18/95)
"Think. Using only 4 straight lines - and without lifting your pencil - connect all 9 dots. Think again." Dickstein, Shapiro and Morin L.L.P.
(WSJ 9/18/95)
"Our smart energy network is coming soon to a smart machine near you." Novell and Utilicorp United Energy One
(WSJ 9/18/95)
"Smart. Bold. Now." Standard Register
(WSJ - 9/26/95)
"Thinkpad" I.B.M.
(name of their new laptop)
"http://www.interknowledge.com" CNN ad for the Bahamas - 11/28/95
"Knowledge of the World On-Line" Oracle
(CNN ad 11/28/95)
"The Knowledge to Compete" Teltech
(business card)
"Mindsource" (Internet network bulletin board)
"Smart ArtWorks" Trinity Communications, Inc.
(Free mousepad advertizement - 11/29/95)
"The Game of Knowledge" (T.V. ad - 12/4/95)
"Fisher Price Knows" Fisher Price
(TV ad - 12/4/95)
"A smarter way to work." Steelcase
(WSJ - 2/6/96)
"Your dog is smart." Purina
(CNN ad - 2/26/96)
"Travel provides the power of knowledge" American Express
(CNN ad - 2/28/96)
"Knowing the Investor" Prudential Securities
(CNN - 5/96)
"Thanks to Netscape, smart companies actually look forward to taking a hit." Netscape Communications Corporation
(WSJ - 5/31/96)
"Invest with Intelligence" Paine Webber
(CNN ad 6/5/96)
"The Knowledge Company" IntelliQuest
(SkyMall Ad - 5/96)
"The More You Know..." National Broadcasting Company - NBC
(Olympic TV Ad - 6/96)
"From sharp minds come sharp products" Sharp Electronic Corporation
(WSJ -7/10/96)
"Knowing how many customers you have begins with knowing who they are. We know." NCR Corporation
(WSJ - 7/10/96)
"Daily intelligence from the trade front" The Journal of Commerce
(WSJ - 7/10/96)
"Ideas. Ideas. Ideas. It's about innovations. It's about inventions. It's about breakthroughs." Bell Laboratories
(Olympic TV ad - 7/23/96)
"What you never thought possible." Motorola
(Olympic TV ad - 7/29/96)
"Not Just Knowledge. Know-How" Coopers & Lybrand
(Fortune - 3/97)
"Knowledge is Money" Russell Fund Distributors, Inc.
(WSJ -6/2/97)
"Not Just Knowledge, Know-How" (Coopers & Lybrand
(FAST Company - 6/96)
"If Knowledge is Power, Brace Yourself" (Interop '97 NetSwitch Tour, Strategic Networks - 97)
"Turn it on. Look Brilliant. Turn it off." InFocus
(Hemisphere Airline Magazine - 6/97)
"Imagine." Star Alliance
(Hemisphere Airline Magazine - 6/97)
"Bring Your Big Ideas to Life." Corporate Express/Hewlett-Packard
(Hemisphere Magazine - 6/97)
"Your Career is Knowledge" Computerworld
(Computerworld - 8/25/95)
"A Sign of Intelligent Life." Mirabella Magazine
Subtitle of the Cover - September, 1995)
"The ultimate Christmas Reference Collection from The Times - A World of Knowledge" (front page of flier promoting Times Atlases)
"Imagine the perfect space..." Northwest/KLM Airlines
"Save your intelligence and wit for the second impression" Spathira
(W ad - 9/97)
"Don't you look smart!" Suave Shampoo
(TV ad - 9/97)
"Always more than you thought." Alltell
(WSJ - 9/18/97)
"Save your intelligence and wait for the second impression." SpaThira
(Town & Country ad - 9/97
"Where ideas carry weight: we know exactly which way to go." CNF Transportation
(Forbes 2/24/97)
"Putting Thought into Practice"sm Arthur Andersen
(Forbes 2/24/97)
"Know us by our experience" Lehman Brothers
(Forbes 12/30/96)
"The All New Mazda 626 - the intelligent choice" Mazda leaflet
"Export knowledge" Financial Times
(supplement title - 7/10/97)
"Improvising takes two things. Creativity and Experience" Ericsson
(Financial Times 11/97)
"You've got the vision. We've got the know-how. Let's talk" Credit Lyonnais
(Business Week - 8/7/97)
"Price of Knowledge - A way forward to higher and higher education" Times
(Leader column (7/24/97)
"Our network to share knowledge" Cap Gemini
(Business Week 4/8/97)
"When we started making desktops we had 10 years knowledge at our fingertips." Toshiba
(Computer Weekly (8/14/97)
"Ingenuity at Work", ABB
(Business Week 9/97)
"Innoversity", the education center of Global Knowledge Network (10/97)
"The power of, global experience, innovation, teamwork, leadership.. in motion" Bank of America
(Financial Times 10/14/97)
"Touch their knowledge and you give them a future." Johnson & Johnson
(TV ad 12/97)
"Telia knows what makes you tick." Telia Communications
(London poster - 11/09)
"Think different." Apple Computer
(Boston billboard - 12/97)
"Are you the 'smart money' type?" Smart Money magazine
(Wall Street Journal - 1/98)
"As SMART as you want it to be." Alpine
(Rolling Stones Magazine - 4/98)
‘Smart Start’ Kellogg
(Country Living ad – 8/98)
"Smart, Stylish, Simple.  In a word, Kenmore." Kenmore
(Country Living ad – 8/98)
"Because knowledge is your best competitive edge" Sun Technology
(Fall 98 Europe and Tel Aviv)
"The smartest investment strategies are tax-intelligent" U.S. Trust
(Town & Country – 10/98)
"It’s not what you know; it’s when you know it!" CANTel & AT&T
(Airport Ad – Canada – 11/98)
"We turned a centuries old idea into a twenty-first century innovation." Texaco
(Airport ad – 12/98)
"From Thought to Finish." Ernst & Young
(FAST Company Ad – 3/99)
"People who think. People who do. People who get it." IBM Global Services
(FAST Company Ad – 3/99)
"Clothing. Accessories. Ideas." Louis Boston
(FAST Company Ad – 3/99)
"An investment bank of global intelligence." Warburg Dillon Read
(The Economist ad –5/8/99)
"The knowledge behind the network." INS – International Network Services
(Airport ad – 5/99)
"Ride New Ideas." Ford Motor Company
(CNN ad – 5/99)
"Fish isn’t the only brain food. Try the Globe." The Boston Globe
(Boston billboard – 5/99)
"Compaq? Who Knew?"


Compaq Computer Company
(airline magazine ad 4/99)
"SmartVac" Eurecka Inc.
(television ad – 6/99)



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