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The Knowledge Agenda

David J. Skyrme and Debra M. Amidon, Journal of Knowledge Management, Vol 1 No. 1, pp.15-26 (September 1997)

"For most companies the immediate challenge is to create a knowledge-based business which can capitalize on the opportunities afforded by the emerging knowledge economy. This includes the challenge of gaining acceptability within the organization of the theory and practice of Knowledge Management. It also includes the challenge of institutionalizing the Knowledge Management process, with attention to both sharing existing knowledge and creating and commercializing new knowledge".

Contents Outline

Learning from the research - three new aspects of the knowledge agenda.
Opportunities and challenges - how companies are getting benefits from better knowledge management. State-of-Practice: sharing of existing knowledge and creation of new.
State-of-Theory: Its relevance and how it helps gain practical insights.
The Leaders vs. Laggards
Critical Success Factors - seven factors that consistently contribute to success.
Levers of Change.
Cross-Industry benchmarking at Dow.
Challenges for the Future.

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