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ENTOVATION® International Resources

News and Briefings - including current news, past news, Annual Reviews and Newsletter Archives. Also our monthly briefing on developments in the knowledge economy - I3 UPDATE/ENTOVATION International News.

The ENTOVATION® Network, a network of over 2000 thinkers and practitioners who support each other in their knowledge innovation endeavors. Some of the key printed and Web resources are featured below under various topic headings.

External Resources - annotated bibliography, journals, knowledge management web sites (at the web site of ENTOVATION® Business Partner, David Skyrme Associates)

Background and why this topic is important
A Message to Chief Executive Officers - from Debra M. Amidon
The Momentum of Knowledge Management - (including timeline images) - Hindsight (44K) and Insight (33K).
Also in French, German, Norwegian, Spanish, Turkish.
Innovation - The Top Benefit of Knowledge Management - Survey Result
Knowledge Innovation® Strategies and Success Factors
Knowledge Management - Leaders and Laggards
Knowledge Innovation® - frequently asked questions
Innovation Strategy for the Knowledge Economy: The Ken Awakening - book
Practical Guidance and Tools
A Quick Litmus Test - a barometer of your innovation strength. Also in Spanish: Calibrando la Organización
Creating the Knowledge-based Business - management report
Knowledge Innovation® Software
Communities of Knowledge Practice - abstract
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