Name: Alf Martin Johansen
Chairman & Founder

Affiliation: Induct Software


Country: Oslo, NORWAY.


"As a ‘value chaser’, I am constantly scanning the environment for ways to capture more value out of existing resources. My dream is to radically change the value capture from human capital - a key resource in today's organizations."

"To optimize human talent and maximize achievement and potential, ‘Innovation Communities’ need to be able to share knowledge both internally and externally in a seamless fashion."

“We have the concept behind an innovation technology platform to facilitate a true knowledge flow across hierarchy, companies, boarders, and industries – now ready to connect the world through a Knowledge Innovation Zone.”

“The challenge as an entrepreneur is working in organizations without any room for thoughts ‘outside the box’. But - if you have got an with, listen to, and ask questions to people you meet on your way that could ensure you success!”

For further information on advice or consulting, please contact Dr. Clint Ackerman.