Name : Alfredo Barriga
Affilate : Digital Strategist & Knowldege Economy Evangelizer
Country : Colina, RegiĆ³n Metropolitana, CHILE
“Knowledge, as the main driver of an economy, will lead to a bigger and better distributed creation of wealth, and would allow the human race to better fulfill its potential. The future of humanity rests in this.”  
“In the early days, I recognized the flaws of capitalism, and was concerned that socialism might win in the end. When socialism broke, the flaws of capitalism became more apparent. My search for a better way has been influenced by religious beliefs and the time spent in Opus Dei, a layman association devoted to the sanctification of Work. With the advent of the Internet, my convictions become stronger.”  
“We have put the Knowledge Society in the Agenda of the President of Chile, and in the “dictionary“ of the people who make decisions here. We still need to acknowledge the importance of the changes in paradigm that the Knowledge Society brings. change the focus of public policies towards talent development, change the education system towards one designed for the 21st Century and change the Model of the State, to acknowledge the new reality.“  
“The key to value creation is that everyone works where most talented and likes best, and therefore all public policies should address the goal of discovering the inmannt talents in the country, developing and allocating them where they can contribute the most, making happier and wealthier citizens.”