Name: Dr. Anna Trifilova

Affiliation: Head of the Management and Marketing Department Nizhny Novgorod Architecture and Civil Engineering State University


Country: Russia.


“The Future of Innovation initiative is something that amazingly reflects most of the Present realities; these are openness, global collaboration, and diversity. Indeed, ‘open doors’ are not only ‘drivers’ of innovation and its management, but are ‘table manners’ at present. In fact, global collaboration is ‘decencies of mankind’, everybody is welcome, no more developed vs. developing world, we all are the world. Another truth, innovation management is boundless, multidimensional, and everybody looks at it rather variously. Present innovation directs towards ‘open international interface’, and as such most likely E100 evolves into E10000!”

”In this way to the future, my personal research area is the understanding of inertia hindering Russian R&D organisations from expanding globally through technology partnerships – as an emerging technology supplier; or a strategic R&D partner. Russia maintains world-class R&D capabilities, although, cases of global partnerships are rare. Continuing situation contributes to the challenges of exploring the scope of hindrances Russians encounter in international co-operation…but the most impedimenta emerged in the past, in the Soviet era!”

”Past – Present – Future – all are inseparably linked…Understanding the desirable, wishful ‘Future of Innovation’ depicted in the book by nearly 350 contributors from more than 50 countries, edited by Dr Bettina von Stamm and me, is of paramount importance for us, for making the today Present as germane as possible to the tomorrow Future – YOUR and OUR ALL FUTURE!”

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