Name: Dr. Bettina von Stamm

Affiliation: Director & Catalyst Innovation Leadership Forum Norfolk UK


Country: United Kingdom.


With a Future of Innovation initiative, ONE question – simultaneously simple and difficult - was queried to ALL community on a global collaborative scale in innovation management. All was designed as a catalytic launch for further analysis as well as an insight bringing the understanding on the future of innovation highlighted by different people in different countries.’

‘My vision: A deeper understanding and acceptance of the connectedness of everything, actions that are based on that realisation, and resulting from that a level of collaboration that is necessary to address today’s problems.’ ‘Never stop challenging, we jump into action too soon and spend all our energy answering the wrong questions. To find the true question we need to ask ‘why’ a great many times.’

‘Unless we understand connectedness and context first we can never achieve fundamental change. Unless we understand ourselves, our own obstacles to and enables of change, we cannot achieve change in others.’

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