Name : Christopher Hire
Affilate : Executive Director of Innovation
Country : Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
“With origins in design, data analysis and idea generation, I am fascinated with art and design-led creativity after over 10 years working in data analysis, system design and presentation for government departments and corporations...merging design with data, algorithms, classification and analysis to establish change patterns”  
“Drawing attention to innovation, Australia has different market dynamics, meaning that our firm 2thinknow must focus on working with partners globally to grow. Australia has a scarcity of funding for innovation in general. With 2thinknow $million investment developing innovation models and data-sets, we can grow rapidly through product deployment, ideally with partners.”  
“We've created the World's largest cities data-set to a commercial-ready stage with awareness in 63% of our key target cities. Analyst Report - 5th year published index in 2011 - sales to Q3 2012 mostly in Canada, EU, Latin America, China, Asia and Australia/NZ.”  
“A Knowledge Economy includes: Start-up and mid-size company led innovation; innovation that does not look 'one-way', but adapts to on the ground conditions; innovation adding 1 trillion to US GDP by 2020 or sooner; better designed cities and regions, with a higher quality of Cultural Assets, Human Infrastructure; more local food supply; extremely fast internet; a civilized cosmopolitan knowledge society; a growing pie of new job creation, not regressive small shrinking pie view; and business-led innovation.”