Name: Edward Truch            

Title: Director

Affiliation: KnowledgePartners InfoLab21, Lancaster University, Lancs LA1 4WA, UK 

Country: UK




“How can the use of knowledge assets generates expanding not diminishing returns - a key to human wealth creation in terms of mind, body and spirit. How can we continuously generate innovation in organizations through creating new knowledge synergies.”

“Experience in driving major organizational changes in the machinery of government in Poland after the fall of communism in the early 1990's; and bridging the interdisciplinary boundaries in creating communities of academics and business practitioners.”

“Advised and influenced Central and Eastern European governments in the development of new democratic systems including new civil service legislation and institution building knowledge transfer. Latterly, advising on the UK Government's white paper on the knowledge-based economy, and development of the National Grid for Learning.”

“We need to find new ways to reward the contributors and at the same time benefit all sectors of society in a truly inclusive manner, need to honor diversity, which is the route to innovation and human progress, and create an Open Knowledge Society with access for all to participate.”


For further information on advice or consulting, please contact Dr. Clint Ackerman.