Name: Richard L. Hudson

Affiliation: CEO & Editor
Science | Business Publishing Ltd


Country: Brussels, BELGIUM


“Politicians and bureaucrats, like buffalo and cattle, move in herds. And in Brussels this summer, there’s a herd movement happening that has the potential to make profound changes in the way the European Union supports innovation.”

“For decades, the European Commission has toyed with ideas on how to make its leadership more tech-savvy. Now, with a Nobel-winning physicist as energy secretary in Washington, and a geologist as premier of China, the issue is getting some new attention in Brussels.”

“In the marketplace for ideas, ‘open innovation’ is one such success story. The term, first popularized by a Berkeley professor just five years ago, is now incorporated into hundreds of PowerPoint presentations, business plans, consulting reports and books.”

“Top officials in Brussels want Europe to innovate its way out of the economic slowdown – and are pushing forward with policy initiatives to encourage the development of new products and services.”

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