Name: Iain Bitran

Affiliation: Executive Director
The International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM)


Country: Manchester, UK


“A successful future is one where academics and practitioners can meet, speak the same (or at least similar) language and learn. To make a genuine difference beyond their own ‘worlds’ i.e. in a genuinely open future, then this is what must follow.”

“Technology has a role to play and has innumerable benefits but we must harness technology without succumbing to the temptation of believing in a purely technology driven future. Just as the PC never delivered the paperless office, Second Life et al. will not deliver the "personless" conference.”

“As product and service lifecycles shrink, managers place greater emphasis on the timely and efficient development of new products, processes and services - the development, methodology and application of a systematic method for assessing and promoting innovation in corporations: innovationEnterprizer.”

“ISPIM is a worldwide network of academics, business leaders, consultants (A, B, C) and other professionals involved in Innovation Management to enhance collaboration between its members and to be at the forefront of research on innovation.”

For further information on advice or consulting, please contact Dr. Clint Ackerman.