Iain Russell

Name: Iain Russell
Chief Executive Officer

Affilate:Intellectual Assets Centre
Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Country: Scotland, UK

URL:  http://www.ia-centre.org.uk


"My journey from HRD to human capital soon led me to the wider agenda of intellectual capital and I started to believe that it is the management of the wider intangible resources and not just the human capital that facilitated growth in modern businesses."

"Challenges: selecting those levers of economic development which will really make a difference to small firms in Scotland involves a very steep upward learning curve in areas such as intellectual property, branding, accountancy, corporate governance, economic development and economics…constantly moving from reflection to practice to reflection to practice etc"

"Firms need access to the ability to represent their value-creating and preserving processes through non-accountancy means but ones which others believe are credible. Finally we need to see a growing and dynamic private sector supply service geared to the needs of small business particularly but scalable to larger businesses where the business case to invest in intangible resources can be calculated with some degree of confidence"

"Competency improvements required are widely distributed around the economy (but particularly with business professionals - bankers, accountants, lawyers). Keep the interventions small - getting quick wins from a few things initially is better than big culture change projects."

For further information on advice or consulting, please contact Dr. Clint Ackerman.