Name : Isabelle Estebe
Affilate : Director, Global Affairs and Communities
Dassault Systèmes Americas Corporation
Country : Charlotte, North Carolina USA
“France is the 10th-biggest importer (to the United States), and the United States is the sixth-biggest importer to France. French companies create 550,000 jobs in the U.S., and U.S. companies create 600,000 jobs in France. It's quite balanced with mutual benefit to both.”  
“The challenge for the chamber is to make the area visible and attractive to Europe. We bridge meetings between the French trade commissioners in the United States, CEOs of French companies and leadership organizations throughout the Americas.”  
“Since the Iraq war, there have been real improvements in the dialogue, and the connection is back. There are more friendships. The bitter days are behind us. The business aspect of opportunites has returned.”  
“I’ve seen the power of a strong international business network at Dassault Systèmes; and I am determined to continue strengthening international business opportunities for the local, regional and national communities which the Chamber serves.”