Name : John Werner
Affilate : Managing Director & Chief Mobilizing Officer, Citizen Schools
Curator, TEDx – Beacon Street
Country : Boston, Massachusetts USA
“Citizen Schools partners with middle schools to expand the learning day for children in low-income communities across the country. By drawing thousands more citizens into schools each year, we’re promoting student achievement, transforming schools, and re-imagining education in America.”  
“Hope is vital to a student in middle school, which is arguably the most critical time for kids to be engaged and excited about learning. Poor kids might not even realize what they are up against. As middle and upper class kids experience sports, camps and enrichment programs they have a chance to build up their hopes and dreams for the future. But for poor kids who don’t have the same opportunities, what will become of them?”  
“Citizen Schools currently serves 5,000 students and engages 3,500 volunteers in seventeen cities in seven states nationwide, with a $28M operation budget (2012). Independent evaluation results affirm that Citizen Schools is advancing the academic performance and lifting the educational trajectories of low-income students.”  
“Unlike other TEDx events in Boston so far, TEDxBeaconStreet will include a significant number of elementary, middle, and high school kids in the audience, Werner says. And in addition to featuring speakers like Boston Scientific co-founder John Abele and David Page of the Whitehead Institute, TEDxBeaconStreet will serve up “adventures” before and after the conference itself...”