Name: John M. Eger, Esquire

Title: Deerlin Chair of Communications and Public Policy

Affiliation: San Diego State University

Country:  San Diego, CA, USA



"A smart community is a community that has made a conscious effort to use information technology to transform life and work within its region in significant and fundamental rather than incremental ways. The goal of such an effort is more than the mere deployment of technology. Rather it is about preparing one's community to meet the challenges of a global, knowledge economy."

"IT solutions to solve social and political problems even at the most local level require popular support most elected officials don't think they have -- or commit to going after -- so, sadly, nothing gets done. Compound that on the world stage by several orders of magnitude and maybe we have discovered the dilemma. Where is the leadership if not in those global IT companies?"

"In less than a decade, the great global network of computer networks called the Internet has blossomed from an arcane tool used by academics and government researchers into a worldwide mass communications medium. Cities of the past were first created along waterways, then railroads, and eventually interstate highways. Cities of the future will decidedly have 24/7, broadband telecommunications in place, wired and wireless infrastructures connecting, though the Worldwide Web, every home, school and office to every other organization or institution worldwide."

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