Name: Dr. Kamau Gachigi
Chair and Coordinator
Science and Technology Park Steering Committee

Affiliation: University of Nairobi
Nairobi, KENYA


Country: Nairobi, KENYA


"An infrastructure of high-tech business incubators can provide localized manufacturing capacity, with nested R&D potential, all based on subtractive and additive rapid-prototyping equipment. These have the potential to release technology-based economic growth for any developing nation or region."

"’Business as usual’, which is often exploitative (zero-sum game) need not be at all. That international trade can and MUST become increasingly win-win for all nations if peace and harmony with the environment are to prevail in the long run."

"New vistas for the future require that taught curricula at schools and universities cease to remain in silos and become far more integrated, in order that future generations are equipped for the type of world we all desire."

"Matters of spirituality will need to be addressed more boldly by academia, so as to meet the deep yearning evident especially amongst today’s youth everywhere. Materialism does not lead to fulfillment."

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