Name: Kendra M. Barthel          

Affiliation: California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo. CA USA

Country: USA




City Planning - as a field of study – enables us to cause and promote rather than simply study change…the economic forces embodied in community relations and functions - the ways in which communities form, nurture, and thrive are some of the imperative behaviors to the success of the human race.”

“Greatest challenge is finding a personal niche in today’s global society - a society that requires much more consideration and passion for those whom, while we may never meet, contribute to our success and happiness on a daily basis.”

“I’ve grown up around the jargon and activity of the emerging KM field, including leaders who have been to my home from China, Viet Nam, Mexico, UK, Canada, Brazil, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Australia, and more. By the time I was 6 years old I had been to more countries than some people visit in their entire lives; but in most instances, too young to fully appreciate and soak in the amazing displays of diversity to which I was exposed.”

“Pictures can capture the important structures or scenic views of a place, but only personal experience can teach you about the true nature of a culture. Years after visiting a place, you may or may not remember the physical features, but you will most definitely remember the spirit.”

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