Name: Maria Loumioti              

Title: Marketing Director

Affiliation: YUASEC, NGO for youth research and entrepreneurship promotion

Country: Greece



“Dream is to develop platforms (regional and global) to promote youth’s knowledge and collaboration; for example an HR venture in Singapore and by organizing the first youth research and entrepreneurial development NGO in Greece.”

My vision of Knowledge Intelligence Zones consists of the following aspects: Global knowledge clusters, clusters that combine corporations, institutions, networks, and NGOs that would enable internal collaboration, benchmark projects and bets practices exchange opportunities; more cities globally, where ethos and aesthetics for the brain are implemented to a greater extent; development of international teams of knowledge nomads, who would behave as catalysts for Knowledge Intelligence Zones strategy in developing regions.; and specific IC ratios, metrics, and blueprint developments, standards in which companies are engaged.”

“Knowledge does not move from the point of origin directly and time efficiently to the highest need, the vision of knowledge zone is not cultivated broadly, thus initiatives or pressure for action are moving top-bottom only and not bottom-top, and then the implementation of such pioneering vision becomes even a more difficult task.” 

For further information on advice or consulting, please contact Dr. Clint Ackerman.