Name: Michael Crowe

Title: Manager, Networks and Communications

Affiliation: Desert Knowledge Australia





"Our participation can best be achieved through a networked approach where all towns of desert Australia collaborate to identify, enhance and promote their desert knowledge. I've been influenced by local and global experts on scientific management, cooperative research and indigenous populations."

"The knowledge and innovation possessed by desert Australians is used as a foundation for their participation in the global knowledge economy to share Australian desert knowledge and create resilient, sustainable desert communities."

"My key learnings include: Passion, people and space. Desert Knowledge Australia (DKA) has created a powerful vision that taps into the passion desert Australians hold about their land, their history and their future. DKA has a primary role of creating links both across the desert and internationally."

"Just as the desert provides space - DKA has created a space in which people are freed to be creative and to innovate. The key is to support people in these endeavors."

For further information on advice or consulting, please contact Dr. Clint Ackerman.