Name: Dr. Minna Damani

Affiliation: Director, CanBiotech Innovations
Oakville, ON Canada



Country: Oakville, Canada


"Current global access initiatives at MIT – a variety of programs-academic, research, internships - have influenced me most. Adherence to the philosophies of open-source innovation supported my attempts to design a framework for collaborative drug discovery."

"With doctoral research on game theory and cooperative biopharmaceutical innovation, we now undertstand the impact of knowledge structures on governance of participants and knowledge-based assets in open source and open innovation based collaborations."

"To date we have been able to initiate a program of open innovation to address the needs of the biopharmaceutical industry for both developed and underdeveloped markets. We are in the process of expanding the platform to emerging and markets-- engaging stakeholders from health-based systems of innovation."

"The greatest hope is that we can translate the lessons of the knowledge economy to stakeholders at the bottom of the pyramid—with particular emphasis on human capacity development to meet the innovation challenges posed by the health, environment and energy sectors."

For further information on advice or consulting, please contact Dr. Clint Ackerman.