Name: Mohammad Makhlouf

Title: Co-founder, President & CEO

Affiliation: OMNI Oil Technologies
Jebel Ali Dubai

Country:   United Arab Emerites



We have been brought up, through faith and culture to honor knowledge and knowledgeable people. This same notion was the catalyst that started a whole new knowledge based Middle Eastern civilization that inspired its subjects to translate Greek, Persian and other heritage, build on its insights and knowledge and pass it to newer generations.”

“My father, working as a diplomat in the Egyptian Foreign Service, taught me to engage with the diverse and rich cultural spectrum that humanity possesses and to benefit from this interaction in building toward a better world. The most pronounced challenge is the conscious exercise of self restraint in judging others by our own yardstick prior to reaching deep into the essence and value of what this new and different possesses. It is the perpetual challenge of humility….greatly aided by faith.”

“It is a new global and inter-cultural approach that challenges the classic premise of knowledge competition and drives a new paradigm that defies the nation-state segregating model in favor of new communal definitions around shared goals, interests and ideologies. This new approach acts against most historical success indicators, and promises the opportunity for a more equitable global setting that can help the disfavored toward their betterment and ultimately toward a more peaceful world for future generations.”

As much as the success of this philosophy relies on its adoption by the youth and young, it presents a greater mentoring burden on the old and wise, who are now chartered with a much wider reaching student audience and must secure minimal knowledge loss into the abyss between generations.

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