Name : Dr. Nabil Shalaby
Affilate : Founder & Chairman at Arab Entrepreneur House,
Country : Mansoura, Egypt.
“Don't give me a fish; teach me how to start and operate a 'fish farm'.
Don't wait to catch or hunt the business opportunity.
You have to make this out from nothing. It is time to be the 'opportunity' maker.”
“Locating the first technology incubator (1998) on the campus of Mansoura University had advantages and disadvantages. Proximity to researchers and academic experts was vital; but the campus was walled off from the rest of the city, with security guards posted at the gate. This restricted access and commingling, and free access and exchange of ideas are necessary for technology innovation to thrive. The incubator was moved outside campus walls and implemented other ideas to foster close relationships among researchers, entrepreneurs, donors and financiers.”  
“A millennium ago, Arab traders plied the intricate routes of the Silk Road that connected much of the Eurasian landmass. At the same time, Arab inventors gave the world the crankshaft, surgical instruments and other inventions. Shalaby is convinced that the same spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship is alive and well in the new Arab generation, especially in the Gulf States. It just needs to be nurtured and tapped.”  
“I am just a person who tries to do a positive change, one step at a time.”