Name : Norman Lee
Affilate : Coordinator, MindSet
The Manitoba Network for Science and Technology
Country : Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
“Deciding to be a teacher around 8th grade, I still am driven by the search for novelty - thrashing around in oceans of knowledge. I stumbled into the personalization and commercialization of the tools of information communications… technology, as the great enabler of the knowledge society, seemed to be a possible way to improve teachers’ quality of work life.”  
“Anyone who tries to bring change to a system which has seems impervious to change knows the challenge of organizational inertia, buttressed by entrenched interests. Educational managers who derive their self-esteem by building efficient educational organizations trying to do things right outnumber those educational leaders who question are their educational organizations doing the right things.”  
“Our work has had an impact on policy and practice in our province as well as changing the attitudes and behaviors of students and teachers in terms of their awareness and participation in science and technology. Many of our activities involve some aspect of mentoring and coaching so our efforts have substantially raised the profile of these strategies.”  
“Some countries like Singapore and Finland seem to have a better grasp on what it takes to prepare their youth for the workplace and marketplace as it is today. In Canada, for starters, we still need to develop a science and technology culture both inside and outside our schools. Our ‘Advanced Technology Curriculum’ - builds specialized units in areas as biotechnology, aerospace, new materials and composites, new media and ICT that were an extension of traditional topics in physics, chemistry and biology.”