Dr. Raivo Tamkivi

Name: Dr. Raivo Tamkivi
Affiliation: Executive Board
TEHNOPOL - Tallinn Technology Park

URL: www.tehnopol.ee

Country: ESTONIA


"Exciting opportunities have opened in and for my country [Estonia] after regaining its independence in 1991. As a transitional economy, we have learned to operate with very limited resources - enthusiasm being almost the only resource."

"Relations between research and business in innovation have growingly non-linear character; this modifies the role of universities and other R&D institutions: 'pools' rather than 'sources'." 
"There are no inherent mechanisms in scientific progress that by themselves could lead to innovation. Innovation support activities are very practical and highly individual things to be done. What counts is the understandings, interests and needs (in a certain approach these can be regarded as 'market') of people."
"It is one thing to found and manage Tartu Science Park into Tallinn Technical University Innovation Centre and into Tallinn Technology Park. Now, we need to join these bodies with the international professional networks - To develop the TEHNOPOL Tallinn Technology Park into a full-scale, internationally attractive innovation support environment."

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