Name: Raj Datta

Title: Vice President

Affiliation: Knowledge Management | MindTree Consulting Ltd

Country:  Banglore - India



“The greatest challenge is getting a shared understanding on the emergent and intangible nature of knowledge ecosystems, networks and how organization design can create value.”

"MindTree’s award-winning knowledge ecosystem revolves around its DNA of ‘Imagination, Action, and Joy’ and core values of ‘Caring, Learning, Achieving, Sharing, and Social Responsibility.’ This core is enabled by strategic deployment of physical, social, virtual, and mind-level infrastructure."

“My vision is an open society where value is created by dynamic reconfigurable networks of people, systems, and ideas with fair attribution and wealth distribution.”

“Knowledge management is strategically much more about psychology, sociology, and anthropology, with technology as an enabler. We need to bring the notion of knowledge leadership and a deeper understanding of knowledge economics worldwide, particularly in India.”

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