Ramon Barquin

Name:Dr. Ramon C. Barquin

Affilate: Barquin International
Washington, DC USA

Country: Washington DC, USA.

URL:  http://www.barquin.com


"The success of Decision Support Systems (DSS) involves things that did not involve technology (e.g., capturing tacit knowledge, identifying communities of practice, changing corporate culture change, nurturing innovation, using the power of storytelling, focusing on learning and enterprise leadership) – leading to the knowledge management discipline."

"To expand awareness, education and involvement, founded or co-founded The Data Warehousing Institute, the E-Gov Knowledge Management Conferences, the Computer Ethics Institute and serving as the government channel expert for the Business Intelligence Network."

"More needs to be done in primarily three areas:

  • There clearly has to be additional nudging of our cultures in a way that knowledge is seen as a sharable asset.
  • Technology needs to be used to create an environment of trust in cyberspace - bringing ethical behavior on-line and beyond.
  • Establish an operational framework for where technology meets public policy - the web being the principal medium for innovation and collaboration.

"Given the multitude and magnitude of problems that we face – global warming, depletion of non-renewable resources, economic downturns, meltdown of financial markets, demographic explosion, threats from terrorism – ideas will soon start to emerge addressing each and every one of these issues."

For further information on advice or consulting, please contact Dr. Clint Ackerman.