Name: Rayanti Binawan

Affiliation: Knowledge Partner
Insight Knowledge Partners


Country: Jakarta, INDONESIA


“Building sharing behavior which results in a mature and interdependent organization is my interest. A full understanding of Human Resources element Policy, Program and Integrated Practice as a platform to enable the organization ready for KM Implementation.”

“KM is a holistic approach which orchestrates all aspect of organization from a complete angle. Due to the nature of Knowledge which is intangible it is not easy to measure straight away to profit in quite a short time. Therefore it needs time, patience and passion to achieve the best possible result.”

“The vision is for an understanding about interconnectedness among countries in the world to provide a genuine collaboration - an understanding of uniqueness of each country and its unique contribution to the world.”

“Eradication of poverty by focusing on education which is contextual to each country with a role model leadership with a quality of compassion and dialog within a universal perspective which can orchestrate knowledge economy for the perfectibility of potential in humankind.”

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