Name : Rosario Londoño
Affilate : Senior Social Innovation and Impact Officer
Senior Trust Fund and Technical Assistance Officer
Inter-American Investment Corporation
Country : Washington DC USA
“My root interest in the knowledge field is born of my personal quest to understand human nature and my quest to support young people to find their voice and unleash their highest human potential. Access to knowledge, ability to co-create knowledge and question knowledge should be a basic human right. Knowledge unites - free flow of knowledge has the potential to become the greatest bridge builder of the world’s most prominent divides - the wealth, the opportunity, the labor, the religious….its what allows human to create and test new ideas, markets, products- to collaborate and to come to together to build communities.”  
“In a world where the majority of the value is given to the explicit and material- selling a vision of what is possible and doesn’t yet exist has been probably my biggest challenge. My challenge has been to continue working in - and not give up on - environments that not always welcome innovation. What keeps you in a position of authority and power - wanting to share that knowledge and be transparent about it -is not something that is always welcome.”  
“We have incubated initiatives like the Operational Youth Action Plan, the sports-for-development initiative and the technology and communications initiative. IIC will play an integral role at the upcoming WSIE in Boston, with a Plenary to launch the Social Intrapreneurship Network - identifying those in corporations who have ideas/knowledge and products with the potential to making their organizations more sustainable and their business models good for society and the environment.”  
“People have access to knowledge- inquire within and get access to their innate wisdom to unleash their highest potential and go out into the world to be a better person, grow and be the change they want to see.”