Name: Sabahath Ashraf

Title: Vice President

Affiliation: Total Alignment LLC
Director of ‘One Stop Shop’
Knowledge Oasis Muscat (KOM)

Country:   OMAN



“Knowledge affects our attitudes, our inspirations and our control over ourselves and others. Knowledge is power.  It is better to wield power than to yield to it, whether in your own life or in your organization, the consequences tend to be more favorable.”

“Knowledge is colored by perception.  Perception should not blind one to the potential and beauty of knowledge. I am influenced daily by all around me, as I believe we must always learn and evolve ourselves to push the envelope of knowledge.”

“The greatest challenge is one’s attitude.  Everything stem’s from this.  There is no situation one can not master, if one is aware of the price of each decision made and action taken.  To deal will any challenge successfully is firstly a question of calculating the risk involved in dealing with it given your resource base.  Secondly it is question of timely action and reaction.” 

“A possible scenario for a knowledge economy is one where the thinkers will be the architects of success.  They will build upon blocks of knowledge with unlimited creativity.  The potential of fresh ideas and innovations will fuel economies and inspire and influence decision makers in the political and commercial arenas.”

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