Name: Sabri Saidam

Title: Group Leader

Affiliation: Birzeit Innovation Group (BIG)
@ Birzeit University

Former H.E. Minister of Telecommunications and IT

Country:   Palestine



We are finding encouraging signs of improved internet connectivity and societal eagerness to live in a connected world coupled with a local appreciation of education and knowledge acquisition. ICT provides a significant arena for the partial realization – founding of the Internet Society-Palestine Chapter, implementing various ICT- related projects, writing extensively about knowledge building, ICT diffusion and later leading the Palestinian Ministry of Telecom and IT.”

“Belonging to a poverty and conflict-torn community was the main drive behind my personal quest for improving the lives of my people by building a knowledge-based society capable of engineering a different future full of hope and prosperity. I’ve been influenced by the history of Arab-Israeli conflict, the sufferings of Palestinians and the sad political developments on the grounds and the consequent economic and social hardship.”

“A lot needs to be done to achieve political stability that leads to a just peace, recognition of Palestinian rights and a long lasting co-existence. Poverty needs to be fought hard through further empowerment of citizens with emphasis on a greater inclusion of young men and women in the knowledge building process as well as their absorption in the local market. Existing development-based and not relief-based projects would have to be enhanced with focus on infrastructure, health, education and rural community inclusion.”

“A Knowledge Economy vision of improved life quality for the citizens of the world for which the values of existence would be associated with success and prosperity and not with greed and conflict.”

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