Name: Sorin Cosmulescu

Title: (Innovation) Project Consultant

Affiliation: Business innovation project consulting (ADR SV OLTENIA; Gassner & Morgan)

Country: Craiova, Romania.


‘Through free discussions, the people in our organization are developing the corporate thinking system. The company directors did not block the idea circuit and stimulated the suggestion system by giving bonus to the persons who issued most valuable ideas.’

‘In order to create organizational success, I think most essential "thing" is MORALITY, and on it could be built the entire structure both organizationally and dynamically.’

‘Morality and education are being built with sacrifice, self denial, altruism, loyalty, dedication and trust in the power of human nature.’

‘Memorable verses from great poets of the world can be applied to specific business situations: project design, business plan, and research & development. We need to appeal that inward zone of our thinking system referenced by Wordsworth in his ‘Ode to the Daffodils’ - creation, inspiration, vision, and perspective.’

For further information on advice or consulting, please contact Dr. Clint Ackerman.