Name: Sumita Takayuki

Affiliation: Executive Director
Japan Machinary Center Brussels Office




“Planning Economic policies to vitalize and realize sustainable economy with a plenty of innovation which becomes more and more relying on knowledge.”

“I was involved as one of the main negotiators on an FTA between Mexico and Japan. This does not seem related to knowledge issue; however, the final solution on this negotiation came from the mutual reliance based on deeper knowledge on each other.”

“Initiated the creation of conceptual framework on Intellectual Assets based Management and constructed the concept of eco-innovation which is one of the major topics in OECD. More practically, I initiated the Green IT initiative in Japan.”

“To realize innovation based on the knowledge and excellent analysis on human beings, which makes the whole economy more efficient and the society happier, we need a global framework on Intellectual Capital/Assets based management and a global mechanism to measure, evaluate and incentivize the activity to contribute the environment conservation.”

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