Name: Sylviane Toporkoff            

Affiliation: President, The Global Forum
Associate Partner,ITEMS International

Paris, France




“Director of The Global Forum and involved since the beginning with the ‘Club de Rome’, which can be considered as a pioneer of the Knowledge Society.”

“In every circumstance, think with your own values. When we were traveling it happened twice that we lived in countries with civil wars…you have to accomplish your best everyday, the day after you can be dead. Whatever happens in the past, forget and built a new world of peace if possible.”

“Created Amnesty International in France, founded a European Institute at Paris University, developed a company Items International dedicated to Information Technologies, ad recognized as a sculptor.”

“A Knowledge economy should be world-based on intellectual exchanges using as much human talent as possible to bypass the arrogant bureaucratic systems, which are killing both innovation and courage, and become more flexible and accomplish more in collaboration within sophisticated networks.”


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